Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Five Favorites


Internet fundraisers for a fellow mama in need.  

Many of you are probably already familiar with Dwija over at HouseUnseen, but if you're not, Dwija has 5 children (the youngest just celebrated her 1st birthday) and is about 18 weeks pregnant with her 6th.  This last pregnancy has been rife with problems, starting with subchorionic hemorrhages and then 3 weeks ago premature rupture of the membranes...which is quite serious for such a little baby.  But, amazingly enough, baby is still alive and well in there, even without all the amniotic fluid he (yes, they just found out it's probably a boy) needs to grow.   So Dwija is on bedrest to try to keep baby inside and healthy and growing and once baby reaches viability-(24 weeks in Aug.) she will be admitted to the hospital and have to stay there UNTIL birth. So, as you can imagine, they have a hard row to hoe.  In the midst of all that, Dwija's laundry room is not very functional...I don't know all the details but apparently she doesn't have a dryer (AND she cloth diapers..I.can't.imagine), plus her washer leaks or something and they have to empty big buckets of water every time she does a load of laundry (with 5 kids including 1 baby in cloth diapers).  Oy vey!   So, Cari at Clan-Donaldson set up a wonderful fundraiser to help Dwija get a new, functioning laundry room...which I daresay they really, really need.   So, you can read more about the fundraiser and learn how to donate here


Sei Bella leave-in detangling and smoothing spray. 

I love this stuff, for my girls because it de-tangles and for me, because it actually does tame the frizz.   It makes my hair feel really silky and shiny and helps it not look so frizzy when it's really humid.


Ice, ice baby

The lowly ice cube.  Yes, the ice cube.  It provides hours of cooling summer fun for babies.  First they have to catch it as it slides across the floor, and then then can have fun sucking on and getting all wet and cold as it melts.  Hours of entertainment here. 



For some reason, I just love old Detective series.  Ben and I just discovered Matlock the other day.  Matlock is a brilliant Criminal lawyer played by Andy Griffith.  Anyway, we've only watched one episode so far, but I'm looking forward to watching more!


The claw pencil grip

Awesome for kids who have trouble learning how to hold a pencil correctly.  I got these for John, and it made a huge difference and as I was having a lot of difficulty teaching him to hold a pencil without fisting it.

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  1. Trying the ice cubes game today with Hope!

  2. I am a right handed person who holds her pencil clawlike, upside down, the way many left handed people do. My whole elementary school career teacher after teacher attempted correcting my pencil hold and my handwriting. Was so relieved when I went to middle school and they left me to my own horrible ways.

    I LOVE detective series. I grew up watching Matlock and Perry Mason and Columbo. I have watched every one of the BBC's Poirots and Jeremy Brett's Sherlock. I do not really care for any of the new Sherlock series, but I am always looking for a new great series. Would love any suggestions of what you have enjoyed in the past!

  3. I hold my pencil wrong and I never knew it until COLLEGE!!! I don't understand how no teacher or parent ever corrected me! Now I'm trying to correct myself because John Paul and Cecilia both hold a pencil better than I do :P


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