Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Five Favorites..Pictures

I just got a new's not great...nothing fancy..just a regular, cheap digital camera.  But, unlike my other camera, it actually works, instead of insisting I change the batteries every time I take a picture.   Someday, I really, really, really want to get a fancy, DSLR, camera so I can take cool pictures like all the cool bloggers...but for now, I have to content myself with the cheap one.  It does have a few different settings though that I've been trying to get the hang of.  Here are my favorite pictures from it. 


I think Heidi actually took these.  I love them, because it shows Greta with her absolute favorite drink (milk) and it's just so typical Greta.


We always get the best pictures of John when he doesn't know we're taking his picture. I like this picture because I think it shows his personality well.  And, it's cute. 


This one, just because I think it's kinda a cool, out the windshield shot of my hometown on a foggy, gray Sunday Morning.  And my hometown doesn't really look the way I think it looks.


Because it's a super cute picture of Elsa...and if you look closely in the background, Greta is standing guiltily behind a strangled Tigger...which I think is hilarious. 


And, then this series.

And, seriously...when was the last time you saw a VHS tape? 

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