Monday, June 17, 2013

Mystery Ingredient Monday: Mint

So, a couple bloggers I follow are doing this fun mystery ingredient Monday link-up.  This week's mystery ingredient was Mint...which is awesome because there are so many health benefits of the mint plant

And, since there just happens to be this growing in my back-yard right now. 

And, since I was commissioned to make a pasta salad to bring to a cook-out last night, I said to myself.  Self, what the heck...I'm going to give it a whirl.  (Yes, I really do talk to myself in my head like that...I'll be waiting for the people in the white jackets now.)

And, I came up with this recipe, that I made up all on my own.

It was surprisingly good and the mint adds a refreshingly different, but cool taste.  This is definitely a "light" pasta salad..but very tasty.

Since, I made the recipe up myself, I can call it whatever the heck I want, and I'm calling it

Amelia's Awesome Veggilicious Pasta Salad. 

1 lb. cooked pasta (I used gluten-free pasta, because that's how we roll..but you can use regular)
2 cucumbers (chopped)
2 red peppers (chopped)
1 bunch scallions (chopped)
4 tomatoes (chopped)
2 handfuls of fresh mint leaves (chopped)


1/2 cup lemon juice
1/2 cup olive oil 
salt (to taste)
dried basil (to taste)
dried oregano (to taste)
black pepper (to taste) 
sugar (to taste)

Combine the pasta/veggies/mint.  Mix the dressing up in separate container and pour over pasta/veggies.  Toss it all together...let sit in a fridge a few hours for the flavors to blend and prepare to wow your guests with your awesome culinary skills

I used a scissors to shred the mint and cut the made things much easier. 

You can play with the ingredients to suit your own tastes..try adding in different vegetables, change the ingredients in the dressing...whatever. . 

And, if you want to see more minty recipes..head on over to A Clan's Tale. 
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  1. That's look delicious as well as veggielicious! Do you grow your own vegetables too? I have a HUGE sage plant in the landscaping in my front yard. It's good for making saltimbocca, but that's about it. Mint is much more versatile.

    1. Boil cheese raviolis and melt some butter and sage in a small pot and then pour over cooked raviolis - soooo good! Just had to help out my friend, the sage plant.

    2. Right now, we're staying at my parents house..and yes..they do grown their own veggies. All the veggies in this salad (except for the mint) are from the store, as they don't have a lot of veggies ready yet.

  2. Mmm, this salad looks good Amelia! Do your kids eat things like this?

    1. Sometimes. LOL Heidi eats generally anything, Greta ate this because she likes all the veggies in it (but if there was something in it she didn't like, she wouldn't). John didn't eat it, and Elsa nibbled at some pieces of noodles.

  3. Thanks for playing along! I smiled so big at the pasta name. Awesome! Looks deliah and will be served up in our house. One of my sisters and a brother are vegitarians and my pasta contains meats; so this will be a great substitution for mine. I refuse to forgo the meat in my pasta salad. I know. I'm mean! Looking forward to seeing you next week at Anne's blog.

  4. Yummy, what a refreshing summer salad!


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