Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real in Black and White

Doing a 2/1 today and linking up with both Clan-Donaldson for Theme-Thursday and Like Mother Like Daughter for PHFR.

Does your local library offer museum passes?  Ours does..and I just love them!  Last Friday, we got Museum Passes and took a field trip here.   The kids loved the museum and seeing all the old-fashioned stuff, and the garden and grounds were fun to walk around.  

And, the weather was perfect...sunny, low 70's, breezy....gotta love days like that!

So these pictures, are all from that field trip!


My pretty flower pictures.

And here's one in Black and White:

I thought this stone building and the girls looking out to sea would lend itself well to a B&W photo.


We went to the park afterwards, and happy baby is thrilled about the rice cake she got to eat.

And another happy picture in B&W.


Somehow I was able to capture this extremely funny face.

And, I think this is a funny picture of John just barely peeking (at first I wrote peeing..but NO, that is NOT what he is doing) out from behind the statue.'s in B&W.

And, here's one of John trying to do a somersault while Greta looks on with amusement.


It wasn't all fun and games though...this is how Greta looked at the playground afterwards.

But then, they started playing:

And, all was idyllic just like this old B&W least until the next argument started. 

I love the way this emphasizes the shadows and the running children.

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  1. Oh! I love the contrast of the stone texture against the water. That is a great juxtaposition.

  2. I never tire of pretty flower pictures. :) Always a reminder of God's beauty.

  3. That stone building shot is just wonderful. I am always so pleased when I find structures like that, with the wood shingle roof and the field stones. Are the girls look so sweet and old fashioned, just beautiful.

  4. I've never been to that museum! The stone building is so pretty, almost as pretty as your girls!

  5. The b&w stone building is an awesome picture.

  6. Looks like so much fun! I'm going to see if our library offers those.

    I like all your photos, but the Happy ones are my fave.

  7. I love that stone building! So pretty :)

  8. Mom I love your blog that was a good posts I liked the pictures of me


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