Thursday, June 13, 2013

Theme Thursday: Dad

This week's Theme Thursday is Dad...which is so appropriate because this Sunday is Father's Day.    Isn't it great how that works!

Here's a picture of my dad with.....guess which grandchild....Heidi!  This picture is about 10 1/2 years was taken during Christmas 2002.   Grandpa is teaching Heidi all about computers.
Notice the set of encyclopedias in the background....when was the last time you saw one of those?

Also notice the red sweater Grandpa is wearing...that's probably just the top sweater of a layer of 4 sweaters or so.  One of my dad's quirks is that he doesn't like to be cold and wears A LOT of layers in the winter...he's gotten up to 7 sweaters at a time, that he just wears them one on top of the other.

See those gray hairs on Grandpa...those are no doubt from teaching me (and my siblings) how to drive.  I was blessed with a great father...he worked hard teaching organic chemistry to college students by winter, fall and spring and  doing organic vegetable gardening by summer.  He drove us all over the state of RI for 
4-H events, taught us how to drive and even after his kids were all grown up, has driven all over the country with us, helping us move (down to KY, down to TN, down to FL there and back). 

And, here's a picture of my wonderful husband, who is also a great father.  This picture was taken several years ago...summer 2006....that baby is Greta...she was about 1 1/2 at the time and sorely lacking in the hair department but still super cute.  (and is it just me, or does Elsa look A TON like her?)  

Ben is a great dad.  He's extremely patient and gentle with the kids and there have been many times this past year where he was studying at home, but took time out from his studies to help the girls with their school because I may have been getting just a teeny, tiny bit impatient and perhaps yelling just a teeny, tiny bit too much.   He spends a lot of time with the kids, reading them stories, watching movies with them and talking to them.  He's probably done more to teach them the faith than I have, and when we lived on campus at Ave, took them to daily Mass at times.

Unfortunately, it seems as though fathers have been maligned in our society.   They are considered unnecessary and unimportant and sometimes just plain stupid.   And, while children certainly can survive and grow up fine without a father, in my experience, it's better (and of course, people do just fine in less than ideal situations) if they have a good one.

Last summer, Ben took an internship in Chicago for 10 weeks, so I spent 10 long, long, long weeks as a single mother.  We talked to him on the phone every night via Skype, but we all missed him terribly and that experience definitely taught me the importance of a father.

Especially for boys.  John seemed to have the hardest time with the separation and really seemed to need a male role model.   

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  1. The seven sweaters! That sounds like my son. He's a confirmed cold-hater and layer-er, for sure.

    Great stories about the fathers in your life.

  2. Yup..ditto on the importance of dads in the home. Plus, I hate being alone at night!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, 7 sweaters? That's so funny!! I don't think I could handle 10 weeks away from my guy - you are a strong woman!

  4. Next time, you should come visit him up here! Summer in Chicago is paradisaical.

  5. I love your dad and his sweaters! And great pic of your man, you can really see how he looks like your kids there.

  6. Seriously, I admire you for those 10 weeks - I still get upset over one night! And great stories and pics :)

  7. Elsa DOES look a lot like Heidi! I love the last picture with John on his shoulders :)

  8. MOm is that true do I look like Elsa


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