Thursday, June 6, 2013

Theme Thursday: Girls and the girls' girls

Today's Theme Thursday is girls...which is easy for me because I just happen to have a couple of those hanging around the place. 

Here are:

Heidi Marie,
Greta Marie
Elsa Marie Rose

Yes, I am just lame enough to give my first two girls the same middle name.  And, Elsa almost got that middle name as well, but we decided to name her Elsa Rose because the 1 boy in the family (who you can see photo-bombing from the side) was awfully disappointed that the ultrasound tech said we were having another girl and when we were discussing names he kept saying Rose is beautiful name.   So, we didn't let him pick the first name, but John chose the middle name. 

Here's another one...which I think looks sorta cool in black and white.

Elsa was none too happy about the photo shoot.

And, then just because,. the girls said Can you post a picture of our girls too?
So here are the girls' girls.

And, because I'm a bad mommy, I don't know the names of all the dolls.  Well, that and because they keep changing their names on I can't keep up.   Hopefully they will get over that by the time they have their own kids. 

And, now you can go see more girly pictures at clan-donaldson.


  1. Oh boy are they getting big, Amelia! I'm totally down with the middle names "Marie" and "Rose" (good one John-boy) ;)

  2. Love the picture of the dolls! All your girls are adorable!

  3. Girls and American girls, your house is full!

  4. They all have beautiful names. And you are right, I love the black and white photo, so, so pretty. In Korea, all children of a generation in a family are given the same middle name, it is to show to what generation of the family they belong. As told to me by my Korean friend whose two sisters and herself all had the same middle name (to protect me if I am wrong.)

  5. How sweet that you let John give her a middle name! And that's a good one - John Paul kept angling for Ursula for the twins, and that was never gonna happen...

  6. Love those pictures. The black and white one is very nice and I love the dolls :)

  7. Aw, that's sweet! And I love the photo of the girls' girls. :-)

  8. So cute! Love that you chose rose because your little boy loved. I am sure they will have a special bond because of that.


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