Sunday, June 16, 2013

WIWS and Happy Father's Day

So, just in case you really want to know what I wore Sunday, here I am, linking up yet again.

I always feel a bit silly doing these WIWS posts...because I'm usually like who cares, but then I do enjoy looking at all the other bloggers' outfits, so I figured I can be the token What Not to Wear blogger. 

I'm starting to think my outfits are a bit boring, probably because I spent three years in FL and the only two seasons are hot and super you don't need too much variety in your wardrobe.  Plus, you've all probably seen all my clothes now and we haven't really had the change of seasons to change things up..but oh well.  I wanted to spice this shirt up with a black belt...but my stretchy black belt is hard to nurse eh, I just left it.

So here's my boring outfit.

And, here's a nice shot of me going ay-yi-yi.   Either that or I was fixing my hair..can't remember. 

Oh..and these shoes are false...I actually didn't wear these shoes to Mass..I changed them at the last minute. But, I was too lazy to take another picture.   So, there, you get a photo with lying shoes. 

Oh..and the shirt is from Wal-mart and the skirt is thrifted.

And, just because it's Father's Day, here's a picture of my wonderful kids with their wonderful father.  I promised everyone extra ice cream if they were good for pictures.  As you can see, it mostly worked...except for Elsa..but she's not allowed to eat ice cream anyway.  

And here is a everyone talk to Elsa  and try to make her smile because she's the star picture

And, a silly one...just because that's how we roll around here. 

And, here's a rare picture of my dad.  My dad thinks getting his picture taken is seven different kinds of torture, but I managed to snap this one today.  My dad is awesome enough to take my whole family and my mom and my sister and her friend and my cousin and another family friend all out to dinner on Father's Day. 

So here's my dad and Ben at our Father's Day Dinner.  Happy Father's Day to both of are both awesome fathers!

Now, for Mass behavior.

The big kids all get A's (I wouldn't expect anything less) and Elsa gets an A-.  The minus is because she kept pulling Greta's hair during Mass and made a few tiny little peeps, but overall she was pretty good.  And, Greta was an angel and put up with the hair-pulling.

And, Elsa gets an A+++++++++++++ for restaurant behavior because she didn't take a nap this morning at all, so slept in the sling all through our whole meal.   She missed out on her chance to eat french fries and biscuits though..too bad for her.

Now, go check out FLAP to see whatever all the other gals wore today. 

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  1. The silly one is my favorite. :)

  2. French fries AND biscuits?? She did miss out!!

    Zuzu is still on grains yet...

  3. I love Elsa's sweet dress! I always want to belt my Mass outfits but same dilemma, it would make nursing too difficult! I think as long as you have Elsa in the picture, nobody will complain about a boring outfit ;)


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