Sunday, June 23, 2013

WIWS and is Chelsea Clinton really that dense?

Yeah..I know...two totally unrelated topics.  But, I saw this article and was just like huh?  Really?  Does she not get it?  If great-grandma had "the services that Planned Parenthood provides" than grandma would have never been born, Hilary would have never been born and neither would Chelsea.   You would think she'd be thanking her lucky stars that great-grandma didn't abort grandma, ya know?

And, then I read this awesome post from my friend Katie who understands what Chelsea apparently doesn't.    

 Therefore, I knew an abortion would be killing a human being whom I would likely otherwise be well-acquainted with, and likely fond of, for the rest of my natural life.
Because, that is really the crux of the issue.  Many well-loved people start out as a crisis pregnancy.  
And, that dear readers, is the end of my political writing today.  I usually tend to stay away from political or controversial topics...but I just had to write about this.
And, now onto the real topic of this post...what you've all been waiting to see.  What I wore today.

And, I just have to I the only blogger who takes a picture of what they are wearing, looks at it..says "ugh..that just doesn't work" and goes and changes into another outfit (and more pictures)?  Maybe it's just because we don't have a full-length mirror right now?  Anyway, I did that today (and to be honest, last Sunday as well).

So, this is what I wore, after the clothing change.

Shirt: thrifted
Tank top: wal-mart
Skirt: Shade clothing
Shoes: given to me
Glasses; zenni

Adorable baby Elsa is wearing a cute, pink, gingham dress given to us.

And, please, please, please ignore the ugly couch in the background. 

Mass Behavior:  Heidi, Greta and John all get an A, of course.

Elsa gets a B, for just a bit too much baby babbling..but otherwise she was good. 

So, I'm off now to check out what everyone else wore Sunday.
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  1. I still have no full-length mirror, so the only way I can tell if an outfit works is by photographing myself. And even then, sometimes I'm not sure! I may just be a walking fashion disaster :P

  2. You know what I love about you, Amelia, apart from the always potent honesty? How you just love that little baby. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who just cannot get over how dang dang cute babies are. And Elsa truly is, and I love her name.

  3. Amelia, I usually try to stay away from political hot topics, too, and keep my blog a "happy place." But this issue is about so much more than politics, and this post was such a great plug for the pro-life cause. I'm glad you posted it.

    Also--your outfit is pure understated classiness, and your baby is pure, unadulterated cuteness. :)

  4. Catching up on my blog reading :), I am cracking up that you use your camera as your full length mirror :).


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