Friday, July 12, 2013

7QTF all about food and what a good mom I am (or not).

This baby 

is addicted to these:

or these:

About 2 weeks about we took a long car trip with family...a whole bunch of us in a big passenger van.  My brother and Heidi were sitting next to Elsa, and she'd cry and then get quiet, so I was all 
What's going on with Elsa?  And, they were all Oh, she's crying so we're feeding her cheesy puffs and she quiets right down..she loves them.  Me: Oh, ok..carry on then. 

So, now we have a new strategy to get through LONG car rides.


My sister and brother are/were in town, so we've been having A TON of parties two a week, which means Elsa has been eating an obscene amount of these, because we bring them out at every party.

Get her addicted to salt and artificial flavorings young I say.


Oddly enough though, I am adamant that she doesn't eat she hasn't been allowed to have all the ice cream and cakes the rest of us have been partaking in.  Not sure why I let her eat potato chips but not cake....but hey...I never claimed to be rational or logical or consistent. 


Speaking of potato chips, Sr. Veronica claims that Herrs potato chips (only available in PA) are the best.   But, she also really loves these (blech)

so, I wouldn't trust her taste buds.


Okay...enough about junk food, so you don't all report me to CPS.  My baby does actually eat a few healthy foods and actually loves this vegetable. 


Ok...enough of that healthy stuff...back to junk food.

John made up his own recipe for dessert pizza.

Here it is.  A (gluten-free) sugar cookie crust with chocolate sauce, ice cream, and sprinkles.


So, of course, Greta wanted to come up with a recipe for her own dessert pizza.  Hers is a gluten-free sugar cookies crust with chocolate sauce, chocolate sprinkles (for cheese) and gluten-free oreo cookies (for pepperoni)...all shaped like a heart. 


And, whenever Sr. Veronica comes to visit, she always makes us ice cream cake.  It's like famous in our house-hold...this year, Heidi helped. 

Now, go check out Jen for more quick takes

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  1. I love potato chips. We only eat them/serve them at parties. Herr's are my favorite, too. Maybe because I am in Delaware, and we visited the Herr's factory as a field trip!

  2. I totally use food to keep the kids quiet on long car rides... And sometimes I wish I did it during short car rides too! The babies aren't quite ready to eat in their car seats, but if I give John Paul and Cecilia snacks to eat in the car, they tend not to ask sooooo many mundane questions :P


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