Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ask a Nun?

Got a question you've always wanted to ask a Nun?

Dying to know about religious life in the convent?

Just want to know what REALLY goes on behind that cloister door??

Wondering what their hair looks like under that veil?

Now, is your opportunity to find out!!

I'm working on a Q + A post with Sr. Veronica of the Child Jesus, a member of the Capuchin Sisters of Nazareth who just happens to be residing at my house for the next two weeks (because I have the misfortune of being related to her).

From top to bottom:  Sr. Veronica, Sr. Christina, Sr. Grace

Post your questions in the comments section...or email me privately and I'll work on a blog post for next Tuesday answering all your questions. 

Questions from children are welcome too!

And, if no one sends me any questions, we'll make up the questions ourselves and ask them!

And, yes, I am blogging about what I'm going to be blogging about.  Is that cheating?  Probably..but who cares?


  1. The standards of bloggers these days. They indulge in metablogging and fancifully try to justify it - sheesh! Anyways, I got a question: will the nun make a delicious ice cream cake for our party this weekend (I ask not for my sake, of course, but on behalf of certain tinier stomachs who have been patiently waiting all year...)?

  2. My questions for your Sister sister: I'm not a cradle Catholic and never went to school to be taught by nuns, so whenever I see a nun while I'm out and about, I'm always get the strong desire to run over to them and say something like, "Hey, I'm Catholic too!" Would that be wildly inappropriate? How do people usually approach you/what do they say to broach conversations?

    Also, I would love, Love, LOVE it if my daughter became a nun or one of my future children became a nun/priest. Is there something early on in particular that started you down this path? What sorts of things would you recommend I do (besides pray, of course ; ) to help my children discern a possible religious vocation?

  3. Jacqueline, I'm sure the nun will respond with more and better advice, but I heard once an answer to your second question (a question that I also shared ) that I took as good advice. Namely, before discerning a religious vocation our children should discern how they are called to give of themselves (we're all called to give to others) - whether as a single person, consecrated or not, or as a married. Only once that decision of fruitfulness is determined should we discern a subtheme of "religious vocation or not". This method has the advantage of presupposing a life of service to others under God, and doesn't make a false dichotomy (some are called to gift themselves as an unmarried in the secular world). I know this isn't a very good explanation, but something to consider at any rate.

  4. Two more questions:

    The grass is always greener...so from my perspective as a stay-at-home mom, I someone think if I was a nun and could spend the bulk of my day/week at Mass, in prayer, at adoration, studying the Bible, and reading the works of saints, all my problems would disappear! Can you speak to the humanity side of the convent? What are the struggles/temptations that plague your order and maybe are universal to all nuns?

    Secondly, and much lighter, have you ever been "hit on" in your habit? And my husband adds, did he succeed in getting your number?

  5. one of my kiddos is curious if they sleep in their habit.

  6. I am interested in hearing about vocation discernment, simply put. Did you know at one moment, yes, this is what I am called to do. Or was it a longer process of getting used to the idea.

    My 9-year-old AnneMarie would like to know how often you get to see your family, or if you are allowed to have friends outside of the convent.


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