Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Five Favorites from the Road

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All the prayers of those out there in internet-world.  They really matter!  Thanks to everyone who prayed yesterday and today for Ben while he takes the bar exam.  While, we won't have the results for quite awhile, Ben said he could feel your prayers working yesterday as he did the essay portion of the exam.    So, thank you!

You all are the best!  Keep praying today for the multi-state multiple choice section. 


Indispensable when you are driving in a new city....especially a city with lots of hills and winding roads and twists and turns.   What did we do before GPS technology?  Seriously?  Well, I know what I did...I got LOST all the time.


Just chilling at the hotel this morning while Elsa takes a MUCH NEEDED nap, so I'm perusing all my blog favorites and came across this awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome blog post by Jennifer Fulweiler.  Never before, have a I read a blog, where I identified SO MUCH with the author.

Organizational Hacks for the Rest of Us. 

Skip reading if you are a neat freak that naturally folds all their towels with the folds facing out.   Read if you are like me, and fear for your life from an avalanche of pots falling out every time you open your cupboard or if you can't fold a fitted sheet to save your life.


The Mountains

We're in the mountains again and I LOVE it.  I love hiking and forests and mountain streams and winding mountain roads.   People talk about if you'd rather live near the beach or the mountains.  I spent most of my life living near the beach...but I think I prefer the mountains...I love the quiet and the shade and the wildlife.  I love everything, except the ticks...but this is Five Favorites, so we won't talk about those.


What's better than one cute baby?

Two cute babies?

Thankfully the baby in the mirror isn't nearly as destructive as the baby outside the mirror.

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  1. Cracking up over your avalanche of pots falling out on you.

  2. So happy he felt the benefit of prayers! Happy travels from our road to yours.


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