Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oh, the places we'll go

Blogging to you live here from Roanoke, VA.  Ben is taking the bar exam (please, please pray for him) and John, Elsa and I are doing the tourist gig.   It's fun (for us...not so fun for Ben). It's definitely very different having just two kids, instead of four (the older two girls are staying with grandparents). 

Yesterday, while Ben was studying, we made a trip to the local zoo.  It was super small, but super quaint and charming.   Here's the massive obligatory photo dump.

Checking out...something

Red Panda....isn't it cute?

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard

Not sure what these are?

My favorite...the Golden Pheasant.  It's so colorful, and is how I always pictured a Phoenix would look. 

Of course, we have to add pictures of cutest baby. 

Check out my super cool sandals...NOT

For some reason, I never noticed before that he had such a gap between his teeth.  

A Cavy

Because I'm the dorky type of person who takes a self-portrait of the 3 of us in the bathroom mirror.

Vulture...check out those beady eyes!
Maaaaa....isn't it cute?  I love goats..they are my favorite farm animal (next to horses of course).

This was right outside the zoo, so I was able to get some great butterfly shots.

Now...off to see what fun things we can do today while Ben slaves over the Bar. 
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  1. That's awesome. Praying for Ben!! Martha is here in tampa taking the bar too.

  2. YOur husband is going to do great, I can feel it!


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