Thursday, July 4, 2013

Theme Thursday: Freedom...the paradox

When I read this morning that today's theme was Freedom...I was all, huh?  How does one photograph freedom, without getting too cliche.  When I googled images of freedom, I mostly got pictures of people jumping up against sunset backgrounds. 

And, then I started thinking about what freedom really is.  Most people think that freedom is doing whatever you want.  And, in a sense it is...but really it is rules and restrictions that provide freedom.  It is the rules of the road (speed limits, stop lights, etc) that give me the freedom to drive on the roads and go where we want.  Without those rules, driving would be chaos. 

Likewise, in many other respects, it is "rules" that provide freedom.  It is the laws of the land that provide the freedom for people to really pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

The title of this blog is One Catholic Mama because I am Catholic.  Duh!  Many people think that Catholicism has lots of rules and restrictions...but it is those "rules" which provide true really become the people God made us to be without being trapped in the cages and confines of sin. 

Because, God gave us free will, many people freely choose to go into cages....dark places, sin. 

Which brings us to this week's picture (which I apologize for the awful is an old picture, taken back in 2007).  This is Greta and she freely choose to crawl into this cage and play (we were setting up a rabbit cage for our soon to be newly acquired pet bunny).

And,. that is the paradox of freedom...we can freely choose to crawl  into cages and dark places (the entrapment of sin)..or we can freely choose to live in the light within certain rules that provide true freedom.

And, that my the end of my philosophical waxing for today.  Go see Cari for more freedom pictures

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  1. Great reflection, so true. And my kids always loved going into the dog's cage and locking themselves in, and I was always afraid of taking pictures just looks so bad!!

  2. This is a fantastic meditation and hilarious picture. My favorite combination.

  3. I like your paradox and the waxing poetically. My favorite kind of reflections.


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