Sunday, July 28, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: It's All Smoke and Mirrors

This week, I took the kids to see a magic show...just a small ,simple of those freebies libraries do during the summer. 

But, it got me thinking about magic and illusion and how in the online world...things aren't always what they seem.

And, then yesterday, I came across this article.

Seduced by the Illusion: The Truth about Transformation Photos

And, while I always knew those transformation photos weren't always what they kinda blew my mind how different the same guy could look with different poses and lighting and clothes and hair style.

And, it got me thinking about my own WIWS photos...and how each Sunday, I take no less than 1 dozen of them...from different angles in slightly different poses and then sort through to find the best...the most flattering.  It's actually pretty amazing how different someone can look in the lighting and the angle and the way you stand, make a huge difference.

And, I don't have a fancy camera, and I don't do hardly any editing...but still, I can look very different just depending on the angle and the pose. 

You see, our online selves are always an illusion.  We pick the best photos, we crop out the messy toys in the background, we change the lighting and fix the blemishes.  Few people look as good in real life as they do online. 

So, I thought that today, today...I would go past the illusion and showcase two of my past WIWS photos...the good ones..and the bad ones.   

Check out this:

vs. this:

I look much slimmer in the second photo.  And,  that's with the exact same outfit think about how much illusion can occur with different outfits and lighting and real professional editing. 
And, check this out:


It's amazing how just the angle and the way I can stand can make me look thinner or fatter.'s all an illusion.

I've always tried to be very real in my blog.  I'm not a huge fan of blogs that come across as too Pinterest-y perfect.   I'm not perfect (far from it) and I try to be very real. because those are the blogs I like to read..the ones from real moms...the ones that may look a little tired, or haven't quite lost all the baby weight yet..yet they go ahead and show themselves all their real person glory.  I'm the mom who yells too much and doesn't have the energy to make heart pancakes on Valentine's Day and Shamrock rolls on St. Patrick's Day.   The one with the the messy house and kids with messy hair and sticky faces.  And, that's okay..because I figure I was put on this earth to make others feel better about themselves. 

Now, onto what I wore today, which was actually Saturday, not Sunday. 

Since we're leaving Sunday to drive to VA so Ben can take the bar exam (begging for prayers, please), we went to the Sat. Vigil.  

Elsa got a C- for behavior...we had to take her out several times.  Granted, it was 5:00 PM and she WAS tired (from NOT napping much today)...but hey, if she napped more, she might get better that's her fault.

And, here is what I wore.  And yes...I took the best picture and discarded the rest. :)  Sorry, you don't get the bad ones from today!  This one is unflattering enough.

These pictures were taken outside our parish, right in front of the beautiful Mary garden (well that's what we call it anyway).

Looking at Elsa who is crawling between my legs
Shirt: thrifted
Tank: Wal-Mart
Pants: Given to me
Belt: Amazon
Shoes: Payless

I don't particularly care for this outfit...but I got dressed in a hurry and I clearly did not really look at myself in the mirror (and it shows) before getting dressed..  And, I think it might be better without the belt. 
And, I just have to share this picture...because it's cute. 

Greta hugging the Mary statue

Now, go check out Fine Linen and Purple to see what everyone else wore Sunday. 

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  1. I agree. We all do that.
    I don't think I'll stop... especially now that we all know what we all do. lol

    Great photos by the way and as always a great post.

  2. Wow, I've been thinking about that exact same thing. We can look so different (esp to ourselves) from one shot to the next. And I think it's okay to pick the best b/c . . . I tend to "see" myself as I look in a more flattering shot, so why not be happy with how I look? (Convoluted sentence there. Whew!) But at a certain point it's just vanity. Anyway, I like your outfit! And the belt! Email me if you feel like visiting on your way (or way back) from Roanoke. Prayers coming this week!!

    1. P.S. That article you linked to? Amazing.

  3. Big high-five, sister. Keeping it real is beautiful! Oh, and I LOVE the photo of your daughter - precious!! I'm off to read the article you linked up....thanks for a great post!! :)

  4. I like it!! I think you look fabulous no matter what angle your shot from but I see your point. I always enjoy visiting your blog. I learn something new every time and your sweet children just make me smile. Blessings!

  5. That article is awesome! And I always set the self-timer to take 10 shots (because that's its default) and choose from the best - it's kind of incredible what a difference a different angle makes! But sometimes there's just no good angle :P I can't make as big a difference as the guy in the article, though!


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