Sunday, July 7, 2013

WIWS: When It's like a Million Degrees Outside

Welcome to WIWS when it's like a million degrees outside and my outfit was way too hot, but I didn't pick a cooler outfit for some odd unknown reason (like maybe because we were running super late).   Times like this, I really miss Florida, where at least we had central a/c.  In fact, I actually googled (more like swagbucked) what did people do before air conditioning? the other day.  The answer is apparently...not much...other than lie around in the shade and fan themselves. 

So, here is what I wore to be super late (like during the second reading late) for Mass.  Why were we super late, you might ask?  Well, I will just refer you to numbers 15, 16 and 19 of  this post.   And, add in a new excuse to boot, we forgot we had taken the car seats out of the van to go out miniature golfing with my siblings the night before and had to re-install them.   And, in case you were interested, I tied for last place with my older brother.  But, I had to miniature golf with Elsa on my back so I had an excuse for such a poor score.  My older brother on the other hand, well..he's just bad at miniature golf.

And, maybe, just maybe...taking these pictures might, just possibly have contributed ever so slightly to our lateness.  Maybe. 

This is apparently neutral day.  Shirt was thrifted.  Skirt is Old Navy.  Shoes are  from Payless.   And, the pearl necklace was a gift from my eldest daughter who acquired it at a yard sale. (Awwww).   Glasses are Zenni.  Perspiration is courtesy of 85 degree temperatures and a lack of central a/c. 

Then Ben walked into the room, so he hopped into the picture and you can all see what he wore Sunday..and then Greta and John hopped into the you can all see what they wore Sunday. 

Heidi was the photographer, so you don't get to see what she wore Sunday.

And, in the interest of full disclosure, Elsa did not wear this dress to Mass, because somehow between walking out the door and getting buckled into her carseat, she got muddy and dirty...and oddly enough, she can't even walk she gets carried everywhere.  So,. figure that one out.

Now, for report cards.  Elsa gets a C for Mass behavior...she is only 9 (almost 10) months old, but quickly turning into a toddler (probably just a few short weeks away from walking) and has decided that sitting on our laps and playing quietly with toys during Mass is so last week.  Spending the entire time trying to get down, crawl around, pull up on the pews and tear the Missal apart is much more fun. 

Now, go forth and check out FLAP for more WIWS fun!

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  1. You look cute & love the family picture. :)


  2. Agh. No central A/C! Torture. You look calm and cool in your neutrals though! :-)

  3. HOW do they manage to get so dirty without touching anything? My big kids always end up with food on their faces once we get to Mass, even when I KNOW they were clean when we left!!!


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