Friday, August 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday


John: I'm gonna share my money with Mom so I get more money.
Ben: Good theory...I'm gonna go share my money with Donald Trump.

Sadly, this is not my money.


Yesterday, we drove back from Roanoke, VA (where Ben was taking the bar exam...please pray he passes!).  It only took us 17 hours..(for what should have been an 11-hour trip).   I blame this on Connecticut...where we were stuck in stop and go traffic for road work where no one was working at 9:00 PM.

That was us stuck on the left, looking longingly at those on the right. 

Not, to mention that other traffic jam we were stuck in, in CT....for who knows what reason.

Connecticut roads are NOT my friend.


Elsa's church performance last weekend made her look like a saint, compared to the past few days.  Is it possible for a 10-month old to be going through the terrible two's?

Good thing she is cute.

Keeping it real with the messy hotel room.

One thing I learned from our trip to VA, with just the younger 2 kids. Having two kids is harder than having 4...especially when one of those kids is a baby and not really able to play with the other kid.  Poor John was lost at the playground and the pool without his sisters.

Foot photobomb


Does it make us lame  that if we go to a new city, we eat in the same restaurants three days in a row? Adventurous we are not.  If you are ever in Roanoke, I highly recommend Macados....great food, affordable, good service.   And, we're so boring, that once we find something we like, we stick with it.


Awhile back, Ben made a vow that after the bar exam he would give up that poison he drinks called diet coke...and he's been faithful to that.  He went the whole trip yesterday (all 17 hours) without any diet coke (or other soda's).   Go Ben!!!


The other day, Rebecca Frech blogged about how she doesn't like birth stories.   Well, I LOVE birth stories, but I hate weight loss stories.   For some reason, they just seem so personal to me.  Not sure, why hearing about birth isn't too personal, but someone's weight is.   I've watched The Biggest Loser and the show always makes me feel a bit uncomfortable..that the people are revealing this personal detail about themselves (their weight) on national television.   Clearly, I have issues.

Now, go see Jen for more quick takes.

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  1. Connecticut roads are the WORST! I always get stuck in traffic there, too... Glad you got home safely!


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