Friday, August 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes now


Do anyone else find themselves completely unproductive until they get their blog post in?  It's like I have all these ideas rolling around in my head...and I can't really focus on anything else until I get them out. 

No?  Must be just me then.  I think I might be slightly addicted to blogging.


I was teaching John about opposites.

Me: What's the opposite of sweet?
John: umm..Healthy??

Yep...pretty much.


Stupidest reason for not breastfeeding next time.


And, what's the big deal about equity anyway. She seems to have a very infantile view of equity does not mean the same.  People can be treated equally, without being treated the same...different people have different needs or talents so they give and get different things.  I spend a lot of time trying to impart that idea onto my know the whole you don't get new shoes just because your sister got new shoes because you don't need new shoes..when you need them you'll get them and she won't blah, blah, blah. 

Guess no one every taught her in her mind she wants to do away with basic biology..because heaven forbid there could be real biological differences between the sexes. 


And, my baby is 11-months old, still breastfeeds about 1 millions time a day and 2 million times a night, yet she actually doesn't prefer me.  It's a toss-up between Ben and Greta who is her current favorite. Whenever Ben comes into the room she goes right for him..but she also whines a lot for Greta to pick her up, because who wouldn't love an older 8-yo sister that treats you like her own living, breathing doll that she can carry around and play with non-stop. 

Or that you can stick grass behind her head to make bunny ears for pictures. 


And, in other news...a new shocking studies shows that.

Oh wait..maybe that's not all that shocking..maybe that's just common the compromise and sacrifice you learn from having lots of siblings can tie over into marriage.   The key to marriage and family life is basically learning to root our your own selfishness and siblings kinda force you to learn compromise. 


So...what are some good Netflix shows/series you like to watch?  I've been going through Monk..but am about to finish it.  I need something else to watch while I do my morning workout (about 45-60 minutes in length).   Suggestions???


So, I figured that if I upload a video in the picture part of blogger, it makes a pretty funny animated picture of a falling baby.   Just need to figure out how to get that play triangle off.   So, that's my amusement for the day. 

Now, go see Jen for more Quick Takes

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  1. haha neat trick with the video!!

    I adore LOST on Netflix but that's pretty much all I've got right now!

  2. Yeah, the twins nurse all the time and they go CRAAAAZY every time Andrew gets home or even enters the room, waving like maniacs and grinning and climbing all over him. I NEVER get that reaction. Clearly my nursing them is stunting their relationship with their father.

    Stupidest. Article. Ever.

  3. # 3, is she serious!! Talk about contradiction, so ridiculous. I can't wait to show this to Matt.

    #5, Right there with you!


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