Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Five Favorites and What We're Reading Wednesday


I just love this graphic...don't you?

I want to link up, just so I can use this....because I always sit in my easy chair with my house dress and read with legs crossed just so.

I wish.  I actually do all my reading in my bedroom, during the afternoon, nursing a baby who refuses to nap alone.  

So, yes..I am cheating and my first favorite is this graphic!


Now, for what I'm actually reading.

I picked this up at the library on a whim (it was on the end shelf) and really like it.  If anything it's a good reminder to be sure to teach our kids certain life how to do laundry, how to clean a bathroom (ahem...something my mother never actually taught me), how to throw a party, how to cook a meal, etc.   It's super easy as parents to fall into the trap of thinking oh, it's easier to just do it myself, rather than teach someone else how to do it.   But, that's not really what we need to be doing, is it?

Ms. Wyma's writing style is really fun, it's an easy read and has a lot of really good tips. 


Ben got this for me awhile ago, when it was free for kindle as a temporary promotion.  Ben's a genius as getting free kindle books.

Anyway, this is a really engaging book about a trial that happened in the 70's.  A family has two biological children, and then adopted a little girl from China that developed a mysterious illness involving lots of diarrhea and weird electrolyte imbalances that eventually killed her.  The family then adopts another little girl from China, and when this little girl starts experiencing the same symptoms, suspicion falls on the mother and this is her story.    The interesting thing, is that you never find out definitively if the mother is guilty, but I strongly suspect she was and the going theory is that she had  Munchausen syndrome by proxy  It's all very fascinating stuff. 


And, on a different note...away from books.  

Here is a cute little video of Miss Elsa Rose practicing her beginning walking skills.

Just ignore, my super annoying voice. 


And another one.  Sorry it's sideways...just tilt your head. 

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  1. Lucky! I've been wanting to read #2. I don't think I'd have the stomach for #3. I still have trouble when I think about that part of The Sixth Sense.

  2. Yay for Elsa! And I agree with Laura, the mom book sounds fascinating, but I couldn't handle it!

  3. I started typing my comment and looked up to realize that Laura pretty much typed everything I was going to. So, what Laura said ;)

  4. I'm so giddy that my graphic made your favorites! I love vintage artwork, especially the stuff that looks like Dick and Jane illustrations. I definitely need to read #2. I never get the free e-books, because I always assume that they're not any good. Proven wrong. Thanks for linking up.


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