Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Ben!

Today is Ben's mid-30-something birthday.or maybe it's his 29th..I just can't remember which one. 

So, a very Happy Birthday to the most wonderful Husband and Father. 

He's intelligent, daring, hard-working, and the most gentle and patient father.   He is super Catholic, and definitely the Spiritual Leader of our family.  He is the perfect husband for me...just laid-back and mellow enough to balance out my high-strung craziness.   Plus, he's awesome at chess and  is teaching all our kids how to be chess-master /lawyers, so they can make tons of money and we can retire young.

He went to law school at the age of 33 and showed up all those young whipper-snappers by graduating in the top quarter of his class. .  
So, as a special birthday present...if all you out there in bloggy-land could say a few prayers for him (in general and specifically for bar passage and job searches)..that would be just awesome! 

When we first had kids, I was all into gentle discipline..but over the years, Ben blows me away in the patience department, he is usually the most patient and gentle one, while I'm the one losing my temper and yelling   loudly talking  ('cause remember..I gave up yelling). 

 Plus, he always makes me laugh...and is my number one blog fan (next to my mom, who actually PRINTS out all my blog posts...because she really does have to save EVERYTHING). 

And, he's got a sexy beard...I just love beards (on men..not so much on women).

He's just overall awesome!
Happy Birthday Ben!  
We love you!

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