Sunday, August 11, 2013

What I wore Sunday...The Beautiful and the Brutal

So, welcome to another edition of WIWS.  The Catholic, Mommy, Blog-o-sphere has been all aflutter with debate discussion about different types of blogs..those that are so-called "real" and discuss the trials and hardships, and those that are more shiny/happy and show the good moments and triumphs.  Personally I like both aspects...because life is brutiful (a term coined by Glennon Melton of Momestory)..meaning it's both brutal and beautiful.

If you want to read a really brutiful story, check this one out...about the mysterious priest who showed up at a crash site and turned things around for one very blessed teenager.

Today, Mass was beautiful.  The clouds parted, the angels sang and Elsa fell asleep nursing and spent the entire Mass in a state of peaceful slumber.  This warrants her an A++++++++++++++++++.

This is quite the change from yesterday when we went to confession and she treated all the other confessants to extremely loud screeches whenever we dared to prevent her from ripping up a Missal.

And today is Elsa's 11-month birthday (I can't believe just one more month until the big oh-one) so I just had to show what she wore Sunday.

Here she is, brushing her hair to get read for her What Elsa Wore Sunday photo.

Just gotta learn to turn that brush around baby.

And, here she is in a super cute. gingham dress which is a hand-me-down from a friend.  No shoes because I don't believe in them until my babies are good walkers and she still falls about every 4th step.  There is a lesson to be learned in watching Elsa walk, no doubt.  She falls down over and over and over again but every time, she still gets back up and tries again and again and each time makes it a few more steps before falling down again.

And, just to show you how real I is What John Wore Sunday.

Those there would be backward pants...that I didn't notice until we had already arrived at church.

Not to mention the two left shoes.

For some odd reason, we have two pairs of shoes exactly the same... just slightly different sizes...and John managed to find two left ones to put on today. 

And now, what you've all no doubt been waiting to see..What I wore Sunday (nothing backwards or wrong this time...although I've been know to go out in backwards/ inside-out clothing on occasion).  Scatterbrained Mommies R Us.

This entire outfit, from shirt to shoes is second-hand and if you want to read more about my  mad thrifting skills go visit my guest post on FLAP.

This is probably the 3rd time in the last 10 years that I have worn my shirt tucked in.  Apparently tucking in is in again...after being out for several years (or so my WIWS blogs, from whence I get all my fashion advice) tell me.

I'm always a bit worried about tucking only works with more structured pieces of clothing...that is clothing which is structured enough to hold my I had four kids and love to eat belly in.

But, I think it works this time and if it doesn't and I look terrible just go ahead and keep that bit of information to yourself, please and thank you.

And, now, go check out FLAP to see more fashionable bloggers. 
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  1. You are looking so pretty and slim. Perfect outfit!

  2. I love that colour on you. And the skirt is the perfect length.

  3. I am a keep it real blogger. I sometimes think it is a put-off. But I do bright and shiny too. Depends on the day.
    Anyway - I love your outfits.
    And as far as the backwards pants... LOVE! God loves a boy who dresses himself and a mama who is too busy to notice.
    You look cute today.

  4. The shirt looks great - purple is such a good color on you! Recently I left the house wearing my "around the house ONLY flip flops". They were hot pink... oh yeah, and the rest of my outfit was pretty red. not my best look!

  5. I like the tucked-in look, but John's outfit is my fave. ;-)

  6. You look great. Of course you have the BEST accessory known to mankind...a sweet little baby on the hip. I love how you keep it real my friend. Happy Sunday!!

  7. I totally agree on the shoes for babies. Not only do I choose to wait until they actually need them, I have never been able to squeeze a fat little baby foot into an unnecessary itty bitty shoe.

    My 5 year old is in a complete backward dressing phase right now...oh and inside out. It has to be intentional!


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