Sunday, August 4, 2013

WIWS: All is Vanity

Vanity of vanities, All is vanity!
So were the words from Ecclesiastes that greeted us this morning.   And, naturally, it made me think of WIWS.  Are my WIWS posts vanity?  I don't think so...I'm certainly no fashion plate model.  My clothes are not designer, and I'm just a regular, old, average-looking 35-year old mother of four. And, my body certainly shows those 4 kids...breasts that over the years, have probably made gallons of milk, a belly that is just a bit too soft, very definite child-bearing hips and we won't mention the varicose veins on my right leg. 

Generally, I'm the type of person who prefers to hide in the background, rather than be in the spotlight.  So every week I wonder, why the heck am I showing people what I wore Sunday....and who the heck cares what I wore Sunday.  But, I know (at least some) people enjoy reading and seeing WIWS...and I love reading and seeing what others post.  So, I continue on...showcasing my rather boring Sunday best.  Because, I do like the idea of putting on the best for Sunday. I didn't grow up with the idea that we needed to dress up for Sunday Mass.  The only rule we had, was that we weren't allowed to wear shorts.   No, the idea of dressing up for Sunday Mass was something I picked up once I left the uber-casual, very-stoic New England area.  

But, I like it. I like the idea of putting a little extra thought and care into what we wear to receive Jesus.  And, I feel that dressing up for Mass, shows our kids that Mass is special, that's it different from other regular activities and that we should try to wear our best.  Not that there is anything wrong with coming in casual..but for us...we like to dress up.  And, writing WIWS, every Sunday, keeps me on target...and helps keep me up to Sunday best  (or at least Sunday better) standards. 

I do struggle with vanity..I think everyone does to some extent...but for me..taking pictures of WIWS, helps keep me humble..especially since I struggle with body image (which I might address in a future post). 

So, without any further blah, blah, blahing here is What I Wore Sunday.  I tend to be a rather boring here is another black and tan, WIWS post. 

Next to the corn which is definitely not as high as an elephant's eye and does not look like it's climbing clear up to the sky.
Guess how much this whole outfit cost?  

Nothing, nada, zilch, get the point (well, except the glasses). 

The shirt was given to me from some sort of clothing swap.  The skirt was given to me from someone to whom it no longer fits and the shoes (which you can't see very well, sorry)..were also given to me.   Glasses (same as always) are from Zenni.

Now, that you all saw WIWS, go see what all the other (much cooler and better dressed) bloggers wore at FLAP.

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  1. Great post! I feel the same way! I LOVE your hair longer.

  2. I totally feel you - doing this makes me make more of an effort to plan out my outfit in advance and try not to look frumpy when I'm out with all the kids!


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