Sunday, August 18, 2013

WIWS....bad hair and boring.

Time for another edition of WIWS....boring outfit and bad hair and all.  Because I'm all about keeping it here I really am folks. 

It's a boring outfit, and my hair looks horrible because I did my morning workout right before we left, so my hair is a bit sweaty and time for a shower and blow dry. 

You've seen all these pieces before.  I tend to be a fairly boring dresser and prefer dark, neutral colors and simple styles.  I think black is the most common color seen in my wardrobe. 

All these pieces were given to me for score one for frugality!

And, here you can see my diaper bag/purse...which is also black and boring. 

Elsa got a B+ for Mass behavior today.  We had to take her out before Mass even started, but Ben reported that she had good behavior out in the vestibule.  I think he's a more lenient grader than I am though. 

Oh and let me repeat what I said case you missed it.  We had to take her out BEFORE MASS EVEN STARTED.  Yes, I am shouting...because that means that we were ACTUALLY THERE BEFORE MASS STARTED.

That only happens like twice a year.  Seriously.  Punctuality is not my forte. 

So, Ben was out in the vestibule with Elsa and I was in the church fielding Greta's  persistent questions. 

What is a prophet? (fairly easily to answer)

Why did he set the world on fire? Did he really, was the world really on fire? (not so easy to explain literal speech versus figurative speech in the middle of Mass). 

Does God pray to himself? (hmmmmmm?)

She was in fine form today. 

Now, go check out Fine Linen And Purple for more Sunday outfits.

And,  if you missed my post from was a big day for the kids..their first chess tournament!  They all did super well!

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  1. Ummm, I don't think this is a boring outfit. I think simple is always best :) I love that jean skirt! You can totally dress it up or down! I had a similar skirt in college and it ripped during my first year of teaching. Such a sad day!

  2. I think there's definitely something to be said for keeping a basic wardrobe, but I bet you could punch up the basics with fun scarves! Mine are always a big hit with the babies during Mass when they decide to suck on them instead of screaming :P


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