Friday, September 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (these are quick..I promise).

Linking up with Jen over at Conversion Diary for another round of 7 Quick Takes Friday


It's 7:10 PM and I'm sitting here listening to the blessed sound of silence.  That's right silence.  Golden, beautiful, lovely silence.   Ben took the older three kids to chess club, so it's just me and Elsa here.  And, Elsa is asleep.  Yippeee!  I can't remember the last time I've been (almost) alone in my house.  Actually I can...I think it was a year ago, right after Elsa was born.  So's been awhile.


Just in case you were wondering, if a baby eats a blue crayon, it will turn their poop a disgusting lovely shade of bright green.  Ask me how I know. 


I wanted to take a minute just to thank everyone who comments on blog.  I really LOVE reading your comments and definitely appreciate each and every one.  It's make me feel so happy every time I get an email that someone commented.  I want to reply to them all, but I'm just not sure how to do so....I know I don't check back on every blog I have commented on to see if anyone has replied to it, so I figure most other people don't either.  How do you want bloggers to reply to your comments?  Any thoughts?  Do you most of you subscribe to comments, so you would get a reply?


My awesome friend, who shall remain nameless, shared this awesome status on Facebook.   I know many of my homeschooling readers could really appreciate it!!  I know I did, (and I guess by now, after 6 years of homeschooling, I'm somewhat of a "veteran" and I STILL needed to hear it.  Monday was that type of day for us.  The rest of the week was much better...but I still don't how we survived Monday...other than the fact that the day (as all days are wont to do) finally ended. 

Homeschooling friends- particularly you who are new to homeschooling or have young kids. I'm going to let you in on a little "veteran homeschooler" secret: We ALL have days where we either seriously consider, or at least fantasize about sending our kids to school. That is NORMAL (well, as normal as homeschoolers can be ;)). So, try not to stress, the feelings will pass, you will figure things out and grow. It's not all sunshine and roses for anyone.

I also wanted to share this wonderful post from Auntie Lelia.  I love her advice because it is so no-nonsense, yet generally very gentle and really reminds the parent to make sure that they are meeting the child's needs first. 


It's not 7:30 and Elsa just work up.  Seriously!??!?!  That was all of 20 minutes of her sleeping.   She is nursing and going back to sleep though..hopefully this time she gives me my 2-3 hours at the beginning of the night..   For some odd reason, if she falls asleep before 8 PM, she wakes up shortly afterwards (and goes right back to sleep), but if she falls at 8:30 or 9:00 she sleeps 2-3 hours (or more) without waking up.   Update:  She did...she slept a couple hours!  Yay!


I shared this in Thursday's blog post...but I just wanted to post it again.  I really love this photo!  Probably because it shows my favorite time of day. I LOVE being outside in the early evening...the last 2 hours or so before the sun sets.  I just love that time of day...I've always loved it.  In fact, I sorta like winter time when the days are shorter, because I get to experience my favorite time of day EARLIER in the day.  Yep..I'm weird..I know. 

Plus, I just love the composition of the photo...the sisters, the footprints, the balancing...I just love it.
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  1. If your email is linked to your blogger profile, bloggers can email the response to your comment - since yours is a google plus profile instead of a blogger profile, I can't email responses to the comments I get from you so I respond (if I remember!) directly on the post. I definitely appreciate emailed responses, but my mom always complains that SHE wants to see how I respond to comments too!

    So I'm thinking of revamping my coding and installing a new commenting system. Just have to decide exactly how much trouble it's going to be... Because I rarely check back to see if someone has responded to my comment, so I know people probably don't do the same!

  2. Yeah, if your profile is through google plus you can't choose to link it, you have to tell google plus that you want to revert to a blogger profile so that you have the option to link.

    I don't stress over replying to comments or people responding toluene. If I ask a specific question, it is nice to get an answer, and people usually email me or answer in the comments and I will check bank. Otherwise, if I leave a comment, I assume the person has read it and hat is good enough for me. I also assume of you leave a comment on my blog, you know I have read it and I appreciate it. Blogging is so time consuming, and I try to keep it simple

    1. And, that pic is really beautiful!

    2. I guess I also don't stress about typos! Sheesh, look at all those!


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