Thursday, September 12, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny Real Text}

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Yesterday, this pretty baby turned 1!! 

She always walks around with a hairbrush..she's got a thing for hairbrushes.


Elsa was super happy to get her first taste of cake.  I vowed that sugar was not to cross her lips until her first birthday, and yesterday she turned one and got her first taste of sugar.  (In all honesty, that whole sugar is not to cross her lips was actually more like, dessert is not to cross her lips. She's had bits of sweetened yogurt off our spoon, the occasional cracker..but nothing dessert-y until her first birthday!


Of course, we have the obligatory baby with cake all over her face first photo!  Is there anything funnier (or cuter?)

I think the cake was a big hit!


When you're married to a lawyer (especially a lawyer who is employed as a teacher), words like establishment clause, become part of your everyday lexicon.  

When I saw that today's theme was text...I was a bit unsure of what to I grabbed one of Ben's law school textbooks, opened it up.....and look what page, just happened to fall open.  So...for Theme is the text for Theme Thursday-text.

 Seems rather appropriate for a lawyer working as a public school teacher, right?

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  1. Happy birthday sweet baby! Love her top in the first picture.

  2. Oh my, I need a lawyer to help me understand that!

  3. Happy birthday to your sweet little one!

  4. How timely for our nation. I like that shot,

    Happy birthday, Elsa!


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