Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stepping Out Walkin' (Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real)

Linking up with Like Mother Like Daughter for PHFR.  I was going to link up Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday, but I just realized I got the wrong theme this week.  NEXT week's theme is "Out", so I'll have to link this post up next week. That's what I get for looking up the Theme too quickly. 

I love to walk.  That sounds silly, I know....I mean walking is such a basic thing, most of us have been doing it since we were wee tots.  But, I love to walk.  I love taking walks.  I love walking places.   I love walking with friends.  I love walking alone.  My idea of a perfect date night would involve a long walk.  I just find the action of putting one foot in the front of the other to be very rhythmic and soothing.  

I once read an article in a teeny, tiny paper from a teeny, tiny touristy island that turns into a ghost town during the off-season about one year-round resident who would walk 10 miles a day in the winter....every day.  Because there really is nothing else to do on this island during the winter.  And, that is totally something I could see myself doing (if I didn't have a bunch of kids with me all day). 

And, our new neighborhood is perfect for walking.  Perfect.  Quiet, safe tree-lined streets that provide ample shade.  We got into the habit of taking a daily walk 3 years ago, and have tried to stick with it ever since.  The last few days, the weather has been deliciously cool and after living in Fl for 3 years, temperatures below 75 degrees in September make me want to kick up my heels, put on my walking shoes and head out for miles.

Of course, I can't go for miles and miles with kids along, but they're usually pretty good for 2-3 miles or so (I have them trained well).   

So, today I decided to take pictures of us stepping OUT (there's that Theme Thursday for next week word)..on our walk. 


Isn't this a pretty street for walking (or running if you are so inclined)

And, if we go a little ways, we end up here:


Thankfully Elsa is happy in the stroller..and that makes me happy...very, very happy. 


There's a giant peeking up behind the baby.

Aaack...the stroller has a head coming out of it!

We stopped at the "harbor" that we always walk past.  Guess how many kids listened to my direction to say clean and dry.  

If you guessed zero you win...I don't what you win..but you win. 

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  1. What a lovely destination for your walk indeed! Have a great day!

  2. That is a beautiful spot to walk to! We have a similar 3 mile roundtrip walk that involves a beach. What lucky ducks we are :)

  3. Your new location looks BEAUTIFUL! Gorgeous pictures!:)
    Also, I thought you were wearing heels in that picture of you for a second and I nearly fainted, haha!
    Can't wait to hear more about how you are settling in!

  4. How lovely! I was wondering if you wore Elsa all that way - glad she tolerates the stroller!

  5. Our daily walk used to end at a beach, too - it's the best! I miss it. Now we have horses, though, which are pretty exciting, too.

  6. Great shots for 'out' theme. That is a truly lovely walk. I miss the beach.


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