Sunday, September 29, 2013

What I Wore Sunday and A Prayer Request

So, we tried out a new church today.  It was passable....I still much, much prefer the church we had been driving to that is 30 minutes away...but....finances dictate that we save gas right now, so the closer church it is.  And, that leads me to my prayer request...we're having some financial if you could please pray for that, that would be great.   Thanks!

Also, I'm going to be starting to dip my feet into the world of freelance writing so prayers for that too please.  I've done some writing before...I completely wrote my website My Home Remedies and I have a few articles published on, but I kinda want to get out  of the alternative natural health writing business and get more into writing about Catholic, family issues.  And, I want to actually get paid (see...there's the financial difficulty thing again).  So...any prayers, tips, ideas or hints would be awesome.

So, here's what Elsa and I wore today.  Elsa gets a D for Mass Behavior.  We went to 10:00 AM and she didn't take a morning nap beforehand and didn't nap during Mass, which made for some pretty bad behavior. 

This is me and my old photographer, who complained one too many times and then got fired.  Of course, after giving the job to the next one in line, Heidi was all I'll do it, I want to do it, please let me take pictures, please, please.   Those kids...just can't figure them out.

And, here's a selfie my photographer too.  Cute, huh?

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  1. Love the mother/ daughter photo. :) And prayers for you, Amelia!

  2. I'm messaging you in LinkedIn, but I might have some freelance writing connections - hopefully they prove fruitful for you!

  3. Finances can be a curse in this period, all over the world. I am sorry for your problems

  4. Prayers for you: I know all too well your struggle.
    And I understand the struggle with a new church: we've recently moved and had to find a new parish and it's certainly not home yet!


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