Sunday, September 1, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

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We just, just moved..and the movers haven't arrived with all our stuff yet (should get here tomorrow), so I was working with 1/3 of my normal outfit options when I put this outfit together.  So, that's why it's kinda boring and neutral-ish.  And I'm pretty sure it's a repeat too...but I'm too lazy to actually check that out myself.

The shirt is thrifted.  The skirt is Old Navy and the can't see..but those were given to me. 

This is our new backyard in the house we are renting.  The swing-set came with it...we added the baby swing ourselves...finding it on clearance for only $20.  Best $20 spent ever...because this picture is a lie.  I'm  never the one swinging the baby (this is just how my photographer wanted to stage the picture)....the older kids all do it and it keeps her happy and contained  and out of Trouble (with a capital T) that makes me happy.   Ever since she started walking, she's been a handful and a half. 

Speaking of Elsa,  she gets a C for Mass today....she did lots of eating of the Mass inserts and screeching and wanting to get down and toddle around...and had to be taken out.   She did nurse and fall asleep at the very end...which bumped her up from a C- to a C.   And, we were less than impressed with the church we tried out we'll be trying a different one next week.   Unfortunately, from websites, it looks as though our best option might be a church 30 minutes away.  Le sigh....I hate driving...but I fear I shall be doing lots of it in our new locale. 

So, now that you've read my whining and seen my boring outfit.....go forth and see happier and better dressed bloggers. 
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  1. We were always frustrated with our church options when we lived in that area, too - there was a good one in Richmond that we went to sometimes, and we were planning on trying out one in Chesapeake that (at least back then) was one of the few offering EF Masses. We went to St. Bede's in Williamsburg and there was a pastor change right before we moved away - he scolded my husband for receiving while kneeling, so needless to say we were happy to go!

  2. The new place looks great! Love that that was the way the kids wanted to stage your pictures, it shows what they think is important and beautiful, and they are right! Happy Church hunting!

  3. Hooray for baby swings! I'm trying to figure out where in VA you are. If it's the Hampton Roads area, let me know. I did some serious church-shopping when I lived there, so I could probably point you in a better direction.

  4. If you're near Richmond you should check out St. Joseph's (Latin Mass), St. Benedict's, or St. Mary's.

  5. funny how those inserts seem to have a baby magnet on them. Hope can't get enough!

  6. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog! I've been wondering how the job search in VA was going. That's awesome that Ben found a teaching job and that you were able to find a rental with such a nice backyard! Good luck with the transition. Virginia is such a beautiful place. I hope you like it there and that Ben likes his new job. (Is this just temporary while he continues the search for a legal job? Or is this a position he'd like to keep for a while?) I need to finish catching up on your post. And the kids and I were just talking, the other day, about them needing to write letters to Greta and Heidi! Take care!


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