Friday, October 4, 2013

7 Unrelated and Somewhat Interesting Quick Takes Friday


John:  Mom, you're the second nicest mom in the whole world.
Me: Thank you.  Who is the nicest mom?
John: Mary, Jesus' Mother.  She was the nicest, right?
Me: Yes, Mary was definitely nicer than me.  


My kids BUILT a swing.  They are awesome...they totally designed it and built it all on their own.  We are so NOT handy building-things people....which makes it double impressive in my book. And, it actually works works...and is safe enough I feel comfortable letting them swing on it.

When they swing, they put a towel over the sticks to make it more comfortable. 


Do you know where the hell is Matt?  

  Matt Harding is a 30-something year old guy that travels around the world and takes videos of himself dancing (rather badly I might add) with different people in all different places.   They are heartwarming and funny and just cool all at the same time.   You should check it out!


This baby is incredibly smart.  Yes, I am unashamedly biased. 

yogurt mustache last week's post on dealing with 1-year olds, in the comments  Laura asked about toddlers and throwing food.  So, I decided to actually try my own advice with my own toddler.  And surprisingly it works. Yes, I actually give advice without trying it.  Sad, I know.  Just goes to show you how big a discrepancy there can be between my parenting philosophy and my actual parenting practice. 
Anyway,  Elsa had been throwing food off her high chair tray when she didn't want it, so one day I told her that we don't throw food, showed her how to take food off her tray and put it on the table or give it back to me and "helped" her clean up food off the floor and put it on the table.  I only did this ONE time.  Well, ever since then, if you give her something she doesn't want on her tray, she takes it off and puts it on the table, instead of throwing it on the floor.  I was happily surprised that at the tender age of only 12 months, that she was able to learn that so quickly.

Heidi is doing a class at coop called Pen Pal Ministry where they write letters to kids in Africa. 

Actual text from Heidi's letter. 

My mom is the best cook in the whole world.  Seriously, we always give her an A+.

Very nice huh....but what's even more funny is that she is obviously using the royal we, because I'm pretty sure no one else in this family is always giving my cooking an A+ .   Usually they complain about it.  At least I have one loyal fan.  I think I'll keep her. 


Ben and I are really into  watching the Netflix TV show...Alias...circa 2001 (we watch everything a minimum of 10 years after it is produced.)  

If you like mysteries/spy movies/action/drama you might like this show.   It's about a CIA agent working undercover.  We've really enjoying watching it together...the only problem is that it's addictive because every episode ends on a cliffhanger.  It's's like every episode is really two halves of an episode and the other half of each episode is in either the next or the previous episode. that probably doesn't make any sense, unless you've watched it, and then it would make perfect sense.


Thanks to everyone who offered prayers from my post on Sunday.  Please know that they are very, very much appreciated!  And thanks to everyone who gave me advice on freelance writing...again, it is very, very much appreciated!

Now, go see Jen for more Quick Takes. 

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  1. #4

    At times it seems to be more of a communication issue, then a child being stubborn. They just can't communicate, I don't like it. Maybe after 30 tries of placing it on their tray and then them taking it off, maybe they will actually try the food.

  2. I love Alias! I've watched the whole series at least three times now--it just gets better every time! (Although I do find the nokia phones from season one to be rather funny).

  3. #4: Too funny. my daughter does the same thing, kind of. If she doesn't want something she usually reaches across her tray and puts it on the table. But if she's annoyed or if we aren't getting her down fast enough or what have you, then she starts throwing. . .. And that picture of your baby is soo cute!

  4. I never got into the Alias craze when it was big, but I bet my husband would like it - something to add to the list!


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