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Easy Peasy, No-Cost, No-Sew All Saint's Day and/or Halloween Costumes

Yes, I know I'm getting this out awfully close to Halloween and All Saint's Day.  But, hey this post is for the slackers and the procrastinators, the disorganized and the lazy and the non-crafty (like me). 

If you're one of those people who plans our their costumes a month in the advance or goes out and buys an expensive costume or spends hours sewing to make the perfect costume, this post is NOT for you. 

If you are non-crafty and on a tight budget and just participate in those parties/trick or treating for the fun, food/candy and social opportunity and always end up throwing a costume together at the last minute just so you can say your kids are dressed up.  Well then, this is the post for YOU.

So, here are five different pictures of Halloween/All Saint's Day Costumes we've done with no cost and no sewing.

Actually, we do like to learn about Saints for All Saints Day...but Halloween...we're just in it for the candy. 

So, first let's talk about Halloween.  Because that comes first. 

For Halloween we typically just cobble something together from our costume/dress-up clothes box and call it a day.  As I mentioned before, I tend save all costumes.  And girls love princess dresses...like this one.  So, we tend to accumulate these things and then pull them out.

And, over the years, we've tended to have other costumes given to us as well, like this:

or this.

So, I just pull something together.

This year, I have a  bumble bee costume someone gave me for Elsa.  John is going to wear an army hat and camouflage shirt that someone gave us for the swamp buggy parade we were in last November (sorry, I don't have any pictures of that).   Greta is going to wear a fancy white dress and her first communion veil and be a bride.  Heidi is still undecided, but probably going to wear a long skirt, a flowy shirt, tie a scarf around her neck and be a peasant girl.   But, I'm trying to convince her to wear a business skirt and jacket and my glasses and she can be a lawyer.  I don't think she's going for that though.  Oh well. 

Now, onto All Saint's Day.

Here are some costumes we did in the past.  Saints costumes are even easier to cobble together than other costumes. 

Mary, St. John Bosco and St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Mary's costume is a white, floor-length dress that she already owned, with one of my long, white cardigans on top (to make it long-sleeved, as you can tell from the picture, the dress was sleeveless).  For the veil, she is wearing a blue shirt on her head and it flows down like a veil.

For St. John Bosco, he is wearing one of Ben's white t-shirts with my black t-shirt on top.  On him, they were over-sized and robe-like.

St. Elizabeth is wearing a borrowed red dress, a black t-shirt (one of mine) and a piece of raw  (un-hemmed) blue fabric that we happened to have tied around her neck.  The crown is just from our dress-up bin.


 St Therese and St. Adelaide.

St. Adelaide is wearing my long green skirt and has a red blanket tied around her shoulders.  This was really hot, because we were in Fl that year.   The crown was made out of poster board and "gems".  We had "gems" aplenty in our craft bin.

This St. Therese costume was actually given to us..it was a "real" costume. 


 But it's really easy to cobble together a nun costume.

Greta is wearing an adult sized brown t-shirt (which is that size on her) a white shirt underneath and Sr. Veronica's extra nun veil, with a piece of rope tied around her waist.

Heidi is wearing one of my brown long-sleeved shirts, one of my brown skirts, a white t-shirt underneath, and on her head is a another white shirt with a black shirt on top.   Again, we tied a rope around her waist.


Saint Dymphna, St Appolonia, St. John of the Cross.

St. Dympphna is wearing that same long green skirt, my long-sleeved black t-shirt, my white t-shirt and a white scarf tied around her head.

St Appolonia is wearing my red dress, her own t-shirt underneath and a pink sash from another dress tied around her waist.  She made a necklace out of marshmallows (meant to represent teeth) since St. Appolonia is often pictured with a necklace made out of teeth.

St. John of the Cross is wearing my brown t-shirt and he has my white cardigan tied around his neck.  And he's holding the cross.

Costumes for little kids are super easy, because grown-up sized clothes are frequently robe-length or habit-length on them.  Put a t-shirt on your head and you have an instant veil.  Blankets and towels and safety pins can make an easy veil or robe as well. And, lots of saints were princesses, so just pull out that old princess costume and you're good.

Have a Happy Halloween and All Saint's Day Everyone!

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  1. St Therese and St Adelaide look so sweetly holy! I'll bet they are always like that, huh?! Love the cute little nuns, too!

  2. My favorite are your Saint Dymphna, St Appolonia, and St. John of the Cross costumes. These are great...and, yes, I have always appreciated that little kiddos can wear adult shirts.


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