Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday Greta Marie

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, most creative and imaginative 9 year old I know.

Greta LOVES to write. I mean, she LOVES to write.  She fills pages and pages with stories on a daily basis.  And, they are good....very, very good for her age.  In my totally neutral and unbiased opinion that is, a lot of them are better than some of the drivel that gets published today. Look for her name on a best seller in 20 or 30 years. 

Greta is also super sweet and has a real heart for God.  She loves reading about the Saints and seems to have a special affinity for St. Therese.   She spends a lot of time very patiently playing with her younger brother and sister and is generally very cheerful and fun to be around.

She keeps me busy with asking 2,000,000 questions a day, is turning into quite the social butterfly and is just overall, awesome.  We're so blessed to have her. 

Here's 9 years of her life, in pictures.

2004..look at those chubby cheeks!

2005.  1st Birthday and first taste of cake. a summer family reunion.

2007.  This was taken back in the old days when we had less kids and more money...hence we ate out more.

2008.  Finally getting some hair!

2009...a bit bored at a wedding reception.

2010...6th birthday party!

2011...she was St. Therese for All Saint's Day

2012..proudly holding her baby sister and wearing a princess dress

2013 Wearing her Little Flowers Uniform..they get all fancy in Little Flowers here and have uniforms.

Happy 9th Birthday Greta!  We love You!

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