Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pretty Happy, Funny, Real, Theme Thursday: Letter W

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On Sunday we took a picnic and went on a Walk (the theme for this week's Theme Thursday is we're calling what we went on a walk instead of a hike).  So, here are my pictures  from our hike . walk.



Of course, I have to take a picture of actual walking.

And the turtles walking on parade

It's a turtle pile-up

That turtle there on the right is just like me....always going the opposite way of everyone else..


We found a huge hollow tree.  Thankfully, there were no bears, or bees or other dangerous animals inside.

Just a couple of wild children inside.  Don't worry..they're not dangerous. 


Before, we went on our walk, we had a picnic.  Elsa was being her usual toddler self and insisted on scaling the picnic table and then trying to pull everything out of the cooler.  Because I pride myself on being smarter than a 1-year old, I came up with the genius plan of taking everything out of the cooler, plopping it on the ground and plopping Elsa inside.  Whereby, the baby that hates cribs and playpens and all baby containment devices was more than happy  to sit in a cooler and play for a good long time.   Mommy 1: Elsa 0.

She likes to eat those mandarins...peel and all. 

See that there orange residue on her face.  That would be orange cheesy puff residue...because I deserve the parent of the year award. 


  1. Love that cooler cage!! Good idea :)

  2. I agree, great idea. I will try the cool containment idea sometime!

  3. What a wonderful walk! And the cooler is awesome.

  4. My favorite is the turtles on parade. So fun!

  5. Beautiful place! So different from Naples, huh!

  6. Walks and turtles Warming- two favorites in my books! Lovely.

  7. Sweet baby Elsa! I love creative playpens like that. Zeke used to love playing in the empty bathtub in Korea. Very helpful when I had to clean it. :)


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