Thursday, October 3, 2013

Theme Thursday: Three Secrets

So, I asked my kids what they would take a picture of to show the word secret, because quite frankly I was stumped.   And, this is what they said.


I'd take a picture of the deep dark woods.  The deep dark woods holds lots of secrets. 

So what are the secrets of this swampy woods?


I'd take a picture of a secret mailbox.  A mailbox holds lots of secrets, with secret letters.

What's in that letter?  I do not is a secret.   So, if you happen to be our very kind friend who sent us a BIG box of clothes yesterday..THANK YOU.  This letter is for you, from Greta...but what it says, I do not know as she sealed and addressed it all secret-like. 


I'd take a picture of our secret attic.  Maybe there is a whole hidden hotel up there. 

There you have it....the trapdoor in the ceiling that leads to our attic (that we've never been in).  And, most likely there is a secret roach motel up there.  I'm just hoping/praying there are no secret mouse or rat hotels up there. 

So, those are our secret pictures. 
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  1. The mail. I love getting the mail. It's an inherited trait from my dad. Greta is 100% right. You picture of the swampy woods is really interesting to look at. And, I am really hoping that your attic is not a hotel of any sort--sorry John!

  2. Oooh, your kids have wonderful 'secret' ideas! And the photos match up perfectly. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  3. That are all seriously amazing pictures. I'm curious how the stories played out in their heads.

  4. This is wonderful! Wow, a child's mind. This is one of my favorites of your theme thursdays! Well done!

  5. Love the idea of getting their secret shots - this strikes me as one of those posts you'll look back on and smile when they're older :)

  6. How fun to include your children! They each did a great job with the theme "Secret."
    Big Family Small Farm

  7. I love this post! What a great idea, getting your kids involved. All the pictures are great, but I especially love the one of the mailbox. And how have you been able to keep from checking out your attic? I've never been able to resist an attic!


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