Sunday, October 13, 2013

What I Wore Sunday When The Rain Came Down

You's been raining FOREVER here in Virginia.    Forever I tell you, forever.  Okay, maybe not forever, maybe just for 6 days straight.   But, when you just moved out of FL a few months back, that's a long time.    We need to get used to weather again. Florida doesn't have Fl it's either sunny and hot or sunny and hotter with short 45 minute periods of heavy downpour in the summer where the sky gets black, it rains really hard and then a short while later, it stops, the sun comes out and dries up all the rain (and the itsy bitsy cockroach climbs up the spout again).   That's what they sing in Florida you know...they don't sing about spiders, they sing about cockroaches...except the real roaches aren't so itsy bitsy.   

So, I think we may have a bit of an adjustment this year.  One morning it was 55 degrees out and the kids dressed up in heavy winter coats to go outside. 

Anyway, here is what I wore on this rainy day.

Yes, there is a wet spot on my shirt..hey it was raining. 

I'm standing under and awning, My photographer is standing in the rain.  She likes the rain.

The shirt is thrifted.  The skirt is who knows how old (along with the belt) and the shoes (that you can't see) were given to me. I'm trying the whole belted look thing again.  I think I did okay this time (as opposed to some other belt fiascoes).   I think the key for me is to wear a thinner, structured belt...not a wide, stretchy one.   Oh, and I'm wearing a belly band under the shirt (not a cami)...just because that's what I have.

The outfit really needs a nice pair of tall boots instead of sandals.  Except I don't have a boots (that Florida thing again).  Especially with this length of skirt, which is a kinda weird length and not my favorite. It's too short to be a long skirt and too long to be short skirt.  I'm not a huge fan of the calf-length skirt, but otherwise I like this skirt, so I still wear it.  And, I think it'd look fine with tall boots.  So, until I get a pair of tall boots (hint hint, my birthday is coming up next month :)), I'll have to figure out outfits without them.

Oh, and that cute baby in the picture.  Don't let that cute little face deceive you.  She gets an F for Mass behavior today..13 months and a little terror that one is. 

And that's it, so head over to FLAP for more Sunday Outfit inspirations.
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  1. That sweater adds a nice pop of color on a rainy day. It's been rainy and cloudy and gross all weekend here in North Carolina too.

    1. I'm so ready for the rain to be done!

  2. You've got a nice waist, Amelia (if I may be so bold), and the belt sets it off nicely. . . . I hear you with the FL/ Virginia contrasts. I moved from FL to Virginia to go to college. The first few weeks were drizzly and gray, when I was used to all that sunshine and one-hour thunderstorms. It made my homesickness so much worse.

  3. Love the color of your top and I agree with Laura about the belt!

  4. The pink is such a pretty color on you, Amelia. And I am with you on wanting this rain craziness to en!

  5. You look great lady.
    An "F" for Mass behavior. lol
    Have a great Monday!

  6. I love that pink sweater! So pretty! I had to laugh at the F in Mass behavior. Our youngest is 14 months old and he was definitely a D- yesterday! lol. Stopping by from FLAP. Have a blessed week!

  7. I like that kind of length: it helps ENORMOUSLY if you want to wear a belt just under your chest: it provides the good proportions to your figure

  8. I always have a hard time with skirts that length too!! I love the colors you chose and the belt really pulls it all together.


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