Sunday, October 20, 2013

WIWS: the dwarf and the Giant..and some fall pictures.

It's finally fall and we had some really fall-ish weather today, which was awesome!  Sunny, beautiful, high's in the mid-60's.  Just perfect!

Everything is old and thrift-ed and I have no idea where any of it is from.  Sorry.  I guess I could look at labels, but I'm lazy. 

So, I have no idea how we got such an hilarious picture with these proportions, but it totally looks like the little dwarf girl is looking up at the big giant mommy with something akin to horror.  I don't think my outfit was *that bad* but maybe it was?

I couldn't decide whether or not to leave the sweater half-tucked or untucked.  Which do you prefer?

And, since it's fall, I decided to try to get some pictures with the kids on the huge mess of leaves that is covering our lawn, which we probably should rake, but we don't own a rake, so whatever.  How necessary is raking leaves anyway????

John can't stop moving, he's doing some weird dance and Elsa is crying because she hates standing still. 

This is probably the best one of all 4..which isn't saying much.

Happy Fall Y'all!!

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  1. I envy you your fall! And I love your tights, so cute!

  2. Untucked and you have awesome legs!

  3. I prefer untucked! We are having a bountiful fall here as well :). I love your grey tights. I love colored tights but never wear them because ... I don't know how to pair them correctly with any outfit,haha! Maybe, I'll try to copy your outfit :)

  4. I can't decide on tucked or untucked... But the pose in that first picture totally makes me think of Clueless! Also Elsa's polka dots are adorable :)

  5. I like the sweater untucked. Cute outfit! And I love Elsa's jumper! So adorable! Have a blessed week!


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