Friday, November 29, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday with a Pink Full Body Suit


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We had lots of great food, but amazingly don't have too many leftovers (other than turkey...we have tons of turkey).  I made 3 different pies (pumpkin, apple and chocolate) and today they are all gone.  And it was just us.  Pie yesterday for dessert, pie with dinner and pie for breakfast will do that. 


I saw a friend's family pictures on Facebook yesterday and suddenly remembered, Oh...I need to do our family pictures before Christmas to send out with our Christmas letter  blog post. Last year, I think I did them like Dec. 22nd or something.   Last year we lived in FL, so taking pictures outside in late December was not a problem.   It suddenly occurred to me that family picture taking will be much more miserable when it's 35 degrees outside, and I don't really want to take pictures with everyone bundled up in heavy coats.  And, outside is so much better than inside...especially our inside.  So...I ordered a cheap ($9) tripod on Amazon (last year I did them without a tripod), but a tripod would have made it so much easier for my do-it-yourself family portraits using the self-timer.  So, I'm hoping we will have a nicer, warmer weekend day coming up.  I'll let you know how it goes...or not (if it doesn't go). 


I also spent a bit of time perusing family pictures on Pinterest to get ideas of poses, outfits, etc.  I stumbled across a blog  from an Australian photographer which featured a family I actually know through a church group.  It was weird. 


I have an eye doctor appointment this morning. I haven't been in oh...5's time.  The office texted me this morning as a reminder and then I had to text back to confirm.  Which I find totally annoying..because 1) I hate texting and 2) if I make an appointment, unless I call you, I'm going. I shouldn't have to call back or text it to confirm.  


So what are you doing for Advent?  I am a total advent slacker.  We don't even have an advent wreath. I keep thinking I should buy one, but then I never do.  I think I'll just print out a picture and let the kids color a new candle each week.   All the other cool bloggers are blogging about their great Jesse tree ornaments and homemade advent calendars and all the other cool stuff we do.  And, we do nothing.  I'm thinking about doing a slight Jesse tree thing and just printing out a picture each day and reading the reading.   But, that will probably last like 2 days before I forget.   So..we'll see.   And, I'm terrible at remembering to buy candy to put in shoes for St. Nicholas Day.  

And, I have done ZERO Christmas shopping so far. ZERO.  Slackers R Me.

Anyone have any good links for Jesse tree devotion and simple coloring pictures to print? 


And Ben has already started job searching for lawyer jobs once this school year is over.  I feel like our life is one big perpetual job search.    So, please for that please.  Thanks!

7. little brother is getting married in May!  We are beyond excited about it.  And, my family (except for Elsa who would not cooperate) gets to be in the wedding party, which we are beyond honored about.   Ben is the best man (because he IS the best man) and we decided that he's going to wear this 

with this underneath.

Actually, I'm going to put one of those pink full body suits on my Christmas wish list as well.  Cause..who wouldn't want one of those?

Now, go see Jen for more quick takes!
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  2. I hope the jesse tree activity link is useful. We have done it for the past 4 years. The first year is the most time consuming, as you make the decorations... They can be simple though.

    1. Thank you! Yes, that is helpful!

  3. I'm pretty new to the whole "celebrating Advent to it's fullest" thing, and wasn't sure of my stick-to-it-iveness when I took on the Jesse tree last year. I combined it with an Advent calendar that involved little boxes filled with the day's scripture and a piece of candy for each child. They didn't get their candy till we'd read and discussed the scripture, so the kids motivated me to stay on top of things!

  4. You are so funny, I'm afraid Ben is going to steal the show from the bride!


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