Friday, November 15, 2013

7QTF Bentrup Babblings, Mind-Boggling Auto-Correct and the Chromebook

Time for another 7 Quick Takes Friday...linking up with Conversion Diary


So, in the tradition of the Family Es, we've started playing Thorn and Rose at Dinner time.  The gist of the game is that each person goes around and says what their thorn (the worst thing that happened to them that day) and their rose (the best thing that happened to them that day). 

Here is a typical day.

John:  My thorn is that I didn't get ice cream.

Daddy the Lawyer:  You can only count a non-occurrence if there was a reasonable expectation of it's occurrence.

John:  My thorn is that I didn't get ice cream.

Me:  There was no reasonable expectation of ice cream today, so try to think of something bad that actually did happen.

John: Okay, my thorn is that I didn't get what I wanted for dinner.

Me: I give up. 

My kids just do NOT get this game.   Either that or their life is just so charmed that the worst thing that ever happens to them is that they don't get ice cream. 

Clearly this day did not have a thorn, as he got ice cream. 

And, from Greta..the safety pup 


Greta: (as she is getting out a butter knife to spread peanut butter on bread).  Mom, can you please move out of the way.  I don't want to accidentally stab you with this knife. 

Those dangerous butter knives. 


Greta: How did people cook before stoves were invented.

Heid:  They cooked over fires.

Greta:  So, say they wanted to cook soup.  First they had to very carefully gather firewood.  Then they had to build a fire outside their house because if they built it inside, their house might burn down. Then they had to watch out for the fire and put their crockpot on the fire, being careful not to get burned.  Then they had to put their soup in the crockpot, being very, very, very careful.  Then their soup cooked.  Then, they had to throw water on the fire to put the fire out, before they could take their pot off the place where the fire used to be.   And, they had to be very careful so they didn't burn themselves.  So, I'm glad stoves were invented.

Because no one ever burns themselves on a stove. 


I love homeschooling.

Every morning and afternoon my oldest daughter makes coffee (don't worry it's decaf) and the kids all sit at the kitchen table and drink decaf coffee with obscene amounts of cream and sugar and play Uno.  Yes, my homeschooled kids sit around drinking decaf coffee and playing Uno.   Even more funny, they call it is party.  Everyday's a party around these here parts.  Don't worry, they do actual schoolwork too.

Yet, another picture showing a crooked picture on the wall.  Doesn't this lady every hang her pictures up straight? Not to mention those dirty feet on that little boy. 


Greta: I'm going to make up a new holiday.  It's called Grown-up Halloween.  And, what it is that grown-ups go around and knock on people's doors, but instead of getting candy, they get money.  So, Mom, you can put it on your blog and tell all your friends and start a new holiday. 

So, there you have it..I'm starting a new holiday.  I hereby declare that on Grown-up Halloween you can go around knocking on people's doors asking for money.  


So, I spent a few days last week laptop-less and learned a few things from it

I ended up using our Kindle fire to check email and Facebook and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to respond to a friend's Facebook question about stevia (you know, that calorie-free green leafy plant that is all the rage as a non-caloric sweetener in crunchy circles) and the Kindle kept changing the word "stevia" to the word "africa".  That's "africa", not even "Africa" I mean, I could NOT type the word "stevia", kindle kept changing it and how they got "africa' from "stevia" I will never know.  Even more mind-boggling is that they spelled "africa" just like that with lower-case a, and while I am not the grammar police, as far as I can tell, the names of continents are proper nouns and should always, always, always be capitalized.   D'oh!  I hereby apologize to all the people I thought were lazy and stupid for not using proper was probably just auto-correct.


I replaced my old laptop with a Chromebook.  (yes, that is an affiliate link, so if you click it and buy ANYTHING from Amazon, I get a penny or two...or just click on the link on the side before you shop).   Anyway, so far I really like it and I think the Chromebook is a great inexpensive laptop option for people like me. It doesn't have a CD/DVD drive and you can't download programs on it (like Microsoft Office) but for my purposes, it is just fine and I can use Google Docs to create documents.   I don't download programs or play games anyway and almost everything is online these days. 

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  1. We've been playing Roses and Thorns too, and don't tell my husband but it's mostly so that he'll actually tell us about his day! But yeah, the kids totally don't get it... John Paul has been banned from talking about television as either his rose or his thorn, and ONCE he said his rose was "eating this yummy dinner" so Cecilia uses that every night now... I mean, it's a good one, but I KNOW better things have happened!

    1. Honestly, the point is that it is a non-game! Anything goes as long as it is not crude, crass or demeaning to anyone else at the table. Or whiny. We have to use it, also, so that they learn to speak in turns and listen, it isn't the content that matters so much. Otherwise, the little ones at our table would never, ever get a word in.

  2. I love the Greta stories, she has an amazing mind!

  3. #1 cracked me up.
    Now that it's colder, my kids will drink cocoa in the morning but they all still think coffee is disgusting, and I'm not sure if I'd be happy if they started. We have an expensive coffee habit. I'd have to keep some cheap Folgers or something on hand for them, lest they get used to the Mystic Monk.


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