Friday, November 1, 2013

7QTF Halloween, All Saint's Day, Good News and other Stuff


Ben passed the bar exam!!!  What a relief.  They FINALLY posted the results yesterday afternoon.  We were both hitting refresh on our computers all day yesterday, and when they were finally posted, I called him at work, and we looked at the "Pass List" together.  Talk about a scary time on Halloween!!! My heart was a-pounding until we saw his name on the list.  So, now he's licensed to practice law in the fair state of VA (which has one of the hardest bar exams in the nations, I might add).  Now..on to finding a lawyer job!!

 Thank  you for all your prayers...I know they helped!!  


We do Halloween lite here.  It's not my favorite holiday by any means, because I hate putting costumes together, I'm not a fan of all the candy, and I don't really care for scary stuff.  But, the kids wanted to go trick or treating, so trick or treating we went.  Except apparently nowadays (we haven't been trick or treating 3 years), everyone goes trick or treating EARLY while it's still light out.  I think it's weird, because part of the fun is going in the dark, but whatever.  We were planning to get out by 7:00....well. because we are always late..that turned into more like 7:30 before we actually got out the by the time we went around ,a lot of people were closing up shop.  We still got plenty of candy though..and had a nice evening walk.

Yes, we are the kind of people that have crooked pictures handing on our walls.

Greta is a bride.  John is a dragon.  Elsa is a bee.  And, Heidi has the scariest costume of all...she's a lawyer.

Cutest bee I've ever seen.


Happy All Saint's Day.  Today we went to an All Saint's Day Party at church!

The kids had so much fun.

I know they don't look like they are having are never fun.

Mary, St. Edward, St. Zita and St. Clare.

St. Clare was less than saintlike when it came to wearing a veil.

They had their picture taken with Pope Francis too.


So, I keep seeing this video posted on Facebook.

See Why We Have An Absolutely Ridiculous Standard of Beauty in 37 Seconds

Except I can't find 37 seconds without kids in the room to actually watch it.  Seriously, I can't get 37 seconds with all the kids outside before someone comes inside for...something.   Like just now they all came in because it started raining outside.  Sheesh...go play in the rain.  So, if you watch it...let me know how it is...because apparently, I will never get around to watching it.


This is why I hate internet videos.  I hate news videos.  I especially hate recipe videos.  Who the heck has 15 minutes to watch someone make a recipe, when they could read the recipe in like 15 seconds.  Seriously.  There is nothing that annoys me more  than when I click on a link and there is no news story or recipe or whatever and it's just a video.  I would so much rather read a story than watch a video.  I am NOT a visual learner.


It's funny how different different kids in the same family can be.  John is 5 1/2, and while  he is super smart at reading, math and chess, he is a bit behind in his fine motor skills and has trouble holding a pencil the right way and doesn't care at all for writing or drawing.  Elsa is 13 months old, holds a pen the right way,  and is already a rather prolific scribbler...especially on walls, in books and on her own legs.  She will happily sit there and "draw" for quite a long time.  Now, if we could just get her to draw on paper, instead of walls, books and legs, we'd be golden.

I saw this posted on Simcha's blog.  It's a wonderful take on that Maria Kang controversy.'s long, but at least it's not a video.

Here's a entice you to read more.
Perhaps its relative uselessness is part of what makes self-improvement culture and health-fitness culture so appealing. It’s easier to fill one’s moral voids by exercising or studying art or undergoing psychotherapy than to view one’s fellow humans as one’s equals. Which is certainly not to say that they’re mutually exclusive, of course. One can lift weights and do volunteer work, read literature and give to charity, eat a balanced diet and be kind to children. The problem comes when doing things “for yourself” is seen as a morally equivalent act to doing things for others, because both are grouped into “doing good things.”
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  1. I loved that response to the Maria Kang controversy! And I completely agree about videos. Ain't no MOM got time for videos! Congrats on to your husband on passing the bar and your kids looked great!

  2. Yay! Congrats to Ben and to all of you! What a great feeling, huh? After all. that. work!

  3. Congrats on the Bar!

    I had to take it twice. A decade ago... it came by mail.

  4. Hallelujah, so glad Ben passed! We've been praying for his success :)

    And I'm totally with you on the videos - I almost never watch any because I'm always trying to nurse babies to sleep or have kids around and then they ask "Who's THAT?" "What's she DOIN'?" "Becaaaaaause???" over and over again... And then I miss the video because they keep asking questions!!!

  5. That is wonderful, Amelia! What a relief, and I'm sure it was what you had expected, congrats!!!!


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