Thursday, November 21, 2013

Amelia Felt Shame (Third Person and Theme Thursday)

Amelia awakens just as the sun is peaking through the window blinds. She instinctively reaches over to feel the reassuring breathing of the young tot sleeping beside her. With a jolt, Amelia suddenly realizes that it is Saturday and that they need to leave the house promptly by 9:15 AM to get her older daughters to Little Flowers Club on time.  Amelia is never prompt or on time...but she always has hope that this...this will be the day she gets it together and achieves punctuality.

With that thought in mind, Amelia jumps out of bed, rushes to the bathroom for a quick teeth brushing and heads to the computer for a super quick email check, just in case she got any pressing new emails overnight.  In the living room she spies her eldest daughter and convinces her to to on a morning walk/run/roller-blade.  Amelia will do the walking and running and Heidi will do the roller-blading.  Her second oldest daughter, Greta, asks if she can come along.  Amelia ponders this for a minute, wondering if the petite 9-year old can keep up with the pace and intensity Amelia desires.  Greta assures her that she can keep up and Amelia acquiesces to her accompanying them...also on roller blades.   John, her five year old son, begs to go along as well, but Amelia puts her foot down there, knowing that he would never be able to keep up, and insists that he stay home with Daddy.

They hurriedly get ready....Amelia finding sneakers and her two daughters finding skates and helmets.  She quickly dresses her third daughter...the young tot, straps her into the jogging stroller and they set off.  Thirty minutes in and Greta is tired.  Amelia, sighs, does some mental calculating and decides that at age 9, Greta is plenty old enough to skate the last three-tenths of a mile home, down their quiet, tree-lined, rarely traveled street by herself.   However, because she is a bit of a neurotic mother, Amelia calls her husband at home and tells him that Greta is on her way home and if she doesn't make it in ten minutes to go look for her.  Then, 15 minutes later, Amelia calls her husband, just to make sure.   All is well and Greta arrived home safe and sound.    But now, now, Heidi's legs are so, so tired.  So, Amelia sends her home by herself and walks/runs the last 15 minutes by herself..before heading home for some much needed breakfast. 

Once home, Amelia settles in at the computer with a delicious breakfast of yogurt topped with nuts, raisins...and of course chocolate chips.  She catches up on some blog reading, and then suddenly looks at the clock, realizes that it is 9:10 and she hasn't even changed clothes yet and isn't ready to go. 

She jumps up, starts yelling at Heidi and Greta that we need to leave RIGHT NOW and they need to get their shoes on and get to the car IMMEDIATEY..and to please take Elsa and buckle her into her carseat. 

Amelia quickly grabs jeans and a sweater, throws them on, runs in the bathroom to brush her hair and then is ready to go.  She reaches into the dark closet, pulls on shoes, grabs her bag and runs out the door.   It's 9:21 AM...only 6 minutes behind schedule..not too bad. 

Amelia plans to go grocery shopping while her daughters are at Little Flowers,  After being on the road for 10 minutes, she suddenly realizes that since she took the car her husband usually drives, she doesn't have the baby sling she usually uses during grocery shopping.   Oh well, she thinks.  Elsa will just have to sit in the grocery cart seat..even if she doesn't like it. 

After dropping the girls off at Little Flowers (only 7 minutes late), Amelia heads off to Wal-Mart.  When she arrives, she realizes with a sinking feeling that Elsa is asleep.....and she doesn't have a sling. Amelia sighs, lifts the sleeping tot out of her carseat, and settles her onto her shoulder, where she promptly falls asleep again.  Amelia resigns herself to grocery shopping while carrying a sleeping 19-pound toddler on her shoulder. Oh, the sacrifices we mothers make, she thinks. Slowly, Amelia makes her way around the store, methodicallly grabbing the necesary items and throwing them in the cart...meanwhile her left arm is aching with the exertion of holding a sleeping toddler.  However, despite the difficulty of carrying a sleeping child, Amelia enjoys the warm weight of the snuggly toddler on her makes her feel very..maternal. 

Mid-way through the store, Elsa wakes us and Amelia happily buckles her into the cart for the remainder of the shipping least until they get to the check-out line where Elsa starts her hallmark screeching and demands to be picked once again, Amelia ends up holding the young tot.

Finally, finally, finally they are on their way out of Wal-Mart and back to the church to retrieve the girls from Little Flowers Club. 

Once there, Heidi and Greta are both having a great time playing with their friends and since it's a nice day, Amelia decides to take Elsa out and sit at a bench and let the girls play just a bit more before leaving.  
While sitting outside, a nice couple that she hadn't met before approaches her and says

"Hey, we just saw you at Wal-Mart."  

Amelia laughingly replies,
"Everyone goes to Wal-Mart, it's right around the corner," all the meanwhile thinking..."I don't remember seeing you there, but then again, I was pretty distracted." 

Finally, Amelia realizes that her ice cream is melting in the trunk and she best be grabbing her daughters and heading home.  Reluctantly they all say their goodbyes, head back to the car and drive home.

Once home, Amelia makes her lunch and naturally sits down to check email and Facebook.  Sometime during the afternoon she wanders into the bedroom and lies on the bed next to her husband for a short conversation.   Amelia stretches her legs out on the bed, glances at her feet and suddenly realizes to her horror...that these, THESE are the shoes she pulled out of the dark closet and wore all day.

Amelia felt shame.

There is probaby a Wal-Mart bashing meme out there someplace with her picture on it...showing the freak lady who wore two different shoes to Wal-Mart.

Her mind flashed back to the couple who saw her at Wal-Mart. The thought, "no wonder they noticed me, I was wearing two different shoes.  They were probably thinking...hey there's that freak lady with the two different shoes again," flitted through her mind. 

Amelia resolves to never just pull shoes out of the dark closet again without first checking for a match and decides that eventually she will be able to laugh about the incident and after all, it will make great material for a blog post. 

So, Amelia is linking up with Kelly for Third Person Thursday and Cari for Theme Thursday: Shame. 

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  1. Madeline has never done this two different shoes game, but her mother has. Madeline wonders if maybe no one even noticed since she wouldn't especially in Wal-Mart. Two different shoes seems tame.

  2. My uncle, who was a business professor at SUNY Buffalo, once accidentally wore mismatched shoes to a lecture. When none of the students noticed (or didn't say anything, anyway), he decided he was going to wear mismatched shoes all semester until someone said something.

    No one ever did.

    1. HA! I feel like I should try this, or make my husband, who teaches some college classes to try it.

  3. It just goes to show that you were concentrating too hard on your wonderful daughters to worry about silly things like matching shoes. Right? ;-)

  4. This is awesome! So hilarious, Amelia, well told. I can totally relate to the always running just the slightest bit behind. It seems like such an easy thing to overcome...but it is definitely not.

  5. Annery laughed loudly at your picture. Since she wears the same crocs most days, they're strewn by the front door for easy access :)

  6. HA! I love this. My hubby has a coworker who is FAMOUS for wearing 2 different shoes. She does it on a regular basis and everyone, including her, gets a kick out of it when it happens.

  7. Kelly had a good laugh at Amelia's expense and then wondered when she would ultimately commit the same act. She quickly glanced at her shoes and knew she'd be paranoid for the rest of the week.


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