Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cold and Suffering

Baby it's cold outside.  Cold!  After spending 3 years in Florida, my blood has thinned, and we're just not used to these sub-65 degree temperatures.  

I had to have the following cold weather conversation with my kids.

There are these nifty inventions called shoes and socks and sweaters and coats.  People wear them when they are cold, and they suddently feel warm.  I realize that you may not be familiar with such an unsual item as a coat, but really we have a bunch of them in the closet, go put one on and go back outside. 

Yes, I really am that sarcastic.  They love it. 

But, while I'm sitting here complaining about the cold, secretly I love it.  I love the brisk, invigorating feeling. I love wearing sweaters and boots and jeans.   The heat makes me feel sluggish and slow while the I find the cold air invigorating and refreshing. 

But, I think the biggest reason I love the cold, is that you need the cold and the winter and the dark to appreciate the summer and the sun and the warmth.    Just like, sometimes we need to get sick, to appreciate our health.   Or we need to feel lonliness to appreciate our friends.   I think those who have lived through wars are better able to appreciate peace.    We don't get to choose which suffering we have, but we do get to choose how we respond to it.   So, this winter, while we're suffering through frigid temperatures and chilling winds I will remember my Florida friends, who are frolicing in the warm sunshine and how much I longed for the cooler days during those endless weeks  years of hot sunshine.

There is nothing so wonderful as that first warm, sunny spring day after a long cold winter.   Right, now, these 55 degree temperatures feel absolutely freezing, but after a long, cold winter, 55 degrees can feel downright balmy. 

Bring on winter!!!

So, for today's Theme Thursday (guest hosted by Mary Kate) I bring you a few older pictures from winters past. 

2009...I love this picture...the framing of the windowsill..the little head peeking outside, the setting sun.

Again...circa 2009.  I especially love twilight in the winter and gorgeous sunsets over snow. And, yes Heidi is wearing a super fancy dress in the snow.  Why?  I have no idea, but she was probably wearing snow pants underneath it.  And, John is none too pleased with the snow.
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  1. I Loooove the snow babies pic. I'm with you, I could do with a little redemptive suffering by way of winter.

  2. I've always said I'd rather be cold than hot. You can always throw on another blanket, but you can't always cool off as much as you want. I love the sarcasm. :) Totally grooving on the super fancy snow dress. You should make them all do a retake--there's a lap just waiting for a little too!

  3. I think that's why this fall has made me so grouchy. I know that I need the cold to appreciate warm, too, and I've been able to have that for the last few years. Now I have to accept that that may just not happen.

    Your babes are so cute and I LOVE Heidi's snow dress. A girl's gotta stay classy, you know!


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