Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny Real Motherhood with Some Thumb

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{Pretty and Happy}

Saw these guys cavorting right across the street from us..just.walking around the neighborhood at 3:00 in the afternoon without a care in the world.  Part of me is all Aww, deer, how pretty, I love deer.   The the other part of me is all OH NO!!  Where there are deer, there are deer ticks.  Aaaaargh, we can NEVER go outside again. 

Yes, I tend to exaggerate a bit, and actually thankfully we haven't seen any ticks in our yard at all.... yet.  

Sorry the pictures are so bad, I took them through our window.


So, when you've lived in Fl for three years, the first time it hits 50 degrees, you tend to dress you baby like this.  Cause...that's COLD outside.

This is what real motherhood looks like, linking up with Messy Wife, Blessed Life and Mommy Notes.

 So, this is what real motherhood looks like for me.  Baby  Toddler nursing. Photoshopped edge of shirt because it was pulled up due to nursing and you could see my fat rolls sticking out.  And closet door wide open with just a hint of messy closet.  Not to mention that cup right by the computer.  What is in that glass, you may ask?  Water?  Wine? (yes, we are just classy enough to drink wine out of plastic cups). No matter what it is, it's sure to spill and wreak damage and destruction.  Does anyone move it though? one doth move it.  There it stays for 3 days hence, until finally it is knocked over...causing destruction and despair (or at least lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth).  

And, since I'm trying to win the award for most link-ups possible in one post, and since you can see my thumb (along with my really gross, vein-y hands and sinewy arms) in this picture, I'll just link up with Cari's Clan for Theme Thursday thumb.
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  1. This was funny, from beginning to end. And I could relate to lots of it. Like the deer--we get them in our yard all the time, too, and I'm similarly torn about whether or not it's sweet or scary. And we're Northeasterners who spent some of the early days in our marriage in TX and FL (4 out of our 5 sons were born in Southern climates), and I remember thinking 50 was freezing back then, too!

  2. I would have the same reaction as you about the deer ticks. I'm always a tad dramatic. Love your little Eskimo baby!

  3. Super post.
    We are all different and yet so much alike.
    Have a blessed day!

  4. 1. I never thought about seeing deer and then worrying about deer ticks, now I will. 2. That looks like how I'm dressing my kids to go out in 30 degree weather up north. We gotta save some layers for 20 below :)

  5. You are so funny! I have been reading you for awhile and I have really enjoyed witnessing how your writing "voice" is evolving!

  6. Ah, toddler nursing. It's not very relaxing, is it? I have no idea what I would do about ticks. Lyme's disease shares the crap out of me. Loved this post, Amelia.

  7. Haha, this was great! You are an amazing multi-tasker! I can't imagine nursing, thinking, and typing! My baby-nurser is mr. acrobat so I can't imagine doing much else while nursing him, otherwise he will acrobat his way to the ground! Amazing! And, I completely understand the layers. I'm over in Texas and we respond very similarly. Although, I'd like to think I've gotten a smidge better having lived a few years in DC.

  8. That is a real motherhood picture if ever there was one! Thanks for sharing.


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