Thursday, November 28, 2013


Today I am thankful for:

A sinkful of dirty dishes because it means we have plenty of food.

Books all over the floor because it means we have the freedom to educate our children the way we want.

Cute kids

Pretty (and silly) girls

A husband that works hard, is an awesome daddy and always makes me laugh. Plus he sports a sexy beard. 





The fact that even though it's cold outside and we live in enough of a wooded area to see deer, we haven't seen any mice or evidence of mice in our house (I live in fear of mice).

All my friends...both near and fair.

And all of YOU dear readers.  Yes, I'm thankful for YOU...for taking the time to read my writing, for your comments...and for all the friends and new people I've met through the bloggy world.

Happy Thanksgiving!  May you all have a Blessed and Happy and Food-Filled Day!

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  1. Amelia, you do a great job blogging - what a service and archive of memories - thanks for being a great wife and mother! :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! (And hopefully you had lots of help with all those dishes!)


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