Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What I Learned From being Laptop-Less and What We're Reading Wednesday: Finding Grace

So...on Saturday night the black screen of death appeared across my computer laptop.  I knew it was coming...I had seen the signs...the flickering screen, the slow loading, the sudden shutdowns.  But, on Saturday it just died..leaving me computer-less.  Shocking I know.  How could I ever survive? It was tough I tell ya!  And, I wasn't even totally unplugged, because I could still access email and Facebook on our Kindle Fire...but it was difficult and cumbersome and typing was super hard, so mostly I stayed off the Internet except for quick email and Facebook checks.

And, I learned a few things in the process.

1) I don't waste nearly as much time on the computer as I thought I did..and I didn't get nearly as much cleaning and organizing done without it as I thought I would.   I'm just as good at wasting time by reading a good book as I am at reading apparently I'm just a time waster. 

2) School goes much better if I shut the computer down during school hours.  So from now on..when we're doing school, the laptop stays closed.

3) I depend on the Internet a lot for connections with it was pretty disconcerting not to be able to easily reply to blog posts or Facebook statuses or emails.  I felt a lot of disconnection and isolation.

4).  I REALLY missed blogging.  REALLY missed it...I never considered myself a writer until I started writing and learned how much I really love it. 

5). I had a lot more time for reading actual books.

Which brings me to:  Linking up with Jessica


Finding Grace is written by Laura Pearl...a fellow blogger, that I have been following for a few months now.

A few weeks back, one of my favorite bloggers, Rebekah,  (who actually lives right ON the beach and her blog makes me want to move back to Florida and frolic with her frolicsome, fun family) reviewed this book.
And, she was kind enough to let me borrow it over I've been eagerly devouring the book (and making sure to finish it in time to return as Kindle only lets you borrow books for 14 days).   Ever since I came across Laura's blog and discovered that she wrote a book, I've been dying to read it as I knew that coming from her, it had to be good.  But...we don't have a lot of money in our budget for books, so I was ever so grateful when Rebekah let me borrow it.

Finishing it in time should be no problem at all as I am finding the book to be rather engaging and hard to put down.

Finding Grace is the story of a Catholic teen growing up in the 70's.   I loved reading about life in the 70's...because while I was born in that decade, I was too young to remember it.

The book deals with a lot of the issues many teenage girls face...insecurities, romantic fantasies, unrequited love  crushes, jealousy,  difficult teachers, sexual pressure, teenage pregnancy, birth control and underage drinking.   But, it also deals with other serious issues...the death of a childhood friend, feminist issues and the Holocaust. However, unlike most teenagers, Grace has a strong Catholic faith and a deep devotion to the saints to guide her.   In fact, Grace desires to be a saint and throughout the book, her deep faith and devotion is what keeps her going strong.

Most of the main characters in the book manage to come across as both inspirational and believable....which is a difficult task for an author, but Laura pulls it off beautifully.  Church teachings and stories about the saints are sprinkled throughout the storyline....but for the most is not done in a preachy way and the book manages to both instruct and inspire while still providing an interesting and engaging tale.

While I didn't buy the book this time, it is something I am definitely planning to buy for my own girls in the future  Due to the serious nature of some of the issues discussed, I believe this book would be most appropriate for girls high school age or older, but even adult women would find this story endearing and inspirational.  Unlike many other books I have read, this book inspires and encourages me to be a better person. I will happily give it to my own daughters to read when they are old enough. 
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  1. Excellent, Amelia! I felt the same way, there is so little lit. that inspires you to be a better person. Great review!

    I think I have the same issues that you do, there are endless possibilities for me to waste my tame, at least with blogging I will have something to remember.

  2. My cup runneth over, it truly does. Thanks so much for this! I think I have the nicest blogging friends in the world. :)

    And nothing makes me happier than knowing you plan to have your daughters read it when they're older. God bless you!

  3. I've read a lot of great reviews of Laura's book. I have it on Kindle...just need to sit down and read it.


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