Sunday, November 17, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Bell Bottoms and Fashion Advice

This is actually what I wore last Sunday Saturday, but I didn't get a chance to post it because my computer died.   Normally we go to Mass on Sunday morning, but last week we went on Saturday evening because the university right down the street from our house was sponsoring a half-marathon on Sunday, and we were worried about the traffic.  Seeing as how we're usually on the late side anyway, we didn't need anything else tying us up.   So we decided to go the night before, was which a big mistake with Elsa, because she got an F- for behavior and I had to take her out, where she decided to let go of 3-days-worth of stored-up poop, and naturally the diaper bag was back in the pew, so it was lots of walking back and forth in and out of church. 

Anyway, here is what I wore.  Bell bottoms! 

When I was a kid, we used to stay at my grandmother's house and snicker at my aunt's old high school year book with the 60's hair styles and clothing. I was all I will NEVER wear bell bottoms.  And, my mom and grandmother were all Yes, you will, everything comes back in style.   

Sure enough.

So, this picture is for my mom...yes Mom, I will admit that I am wearing bell bottoms.

  Oh sure....they don't call them bell bottoms now...they call them flared leg or boot cut.....but....they are bell bottoms. 

And, actually these pants aren't even really "in style" now...I'm still stuck back in the early 2000's but I LOVE these pants.  LOVE them!   They are super comfortable and super flattering and I love them.

And, I hate the "skinny jean" style of pants/jeans that everyone is wearing nowadays.  I think they are only flattering on women with very narrow hips (which is definitely NOT me). I don't think you necessarily have to be skinny to wear them, but you do have to have narrow hips in comparison to the rest of your body.

 In recent years, I've been trying to have a more classic, timeless wardrobe and the flared pants look is a lot better for me than pants with tighter legs.  The wider legs balance out the wider hips while "skinny legs" just make the hips look wider (and mine are wide enough)!

So, the pants are Studio 1940 (they were given to me, but I want to run out and by 2 more pairs of this brand because I love them).

The shirt was thrifted, and I love this shirt (it's all one piece, not a sweater and a shirt).  Although looking at the picture, I don't think the color combination of the red shirt with the brown pants really works so I likely won't wear this outfit again.   But, I really love each of these pieces separately!

And, here's what I wore today.  

I also love this skirt.  Along the same vein as dressing for your body type, I've discovered that I just can't wear flared skirts.  They make my hips look wider, while straight skirts are a lot more flattering.   I love this skirt because it is fitted and straight at the waist and flares out at the legs, so you still get the flared skirt look without the extra flare at the hips. 

So, the belt is from Amazon.  The boots are Wal-Mart.  Everything else is either thrifted or given to me. 

And do you like the outfit better with or without the belt?

I say "with" but dear hubby says "without" so I'm asking the internet?  

What says you dear internet readers?

Now, go check out FLAP for more fashion ideas.
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  1. It's not the belt, but the placement. This may be coming from a guy's perspective, but it looks like you have your skirt (or pants, as applicable) hiked all the way to the chest in total '80s nerd stereotype. I'm perusing women's belts on google images right now, and just not seeing it how you're doing it. But anyways that's my tentative position, so people can more accurately argue that than an alleged antipathy towards belts generally. I'm curious too.

  2. I say "with" the belt! Very stylish:)

  3. Definitely with-what do men know about fashion anyway! lol I like the bell bottoms you are tall enough to wear them. Short people like me on the other hand can look super short with them hence the reason I go with the skinny jean trend.

  4. As per my post above - with a belt or without - is not the question; Amelia clearly looks better with one. Yet, I think I count five people answering Amelia's mischaracterization of my position, but none who answered the more critical question I raised above - where on Amelia should the belt be worn? As shown just under the chest? or lower?

    1. Just under chest as she has it. Lengthens legs, and thus balances wide hips. Also, the way the outfit is "broken up" by the belt placement helps highlight her nice hourglass shape. (I'm much shorter, and don't have such a good balance. Wish I could pull the belt thing off, but I just end up looking hobbit-y, thanks to a really long torso and crazy short legs.)

  5. The pants are great. I've been SO skinny jean resistant...not a great look for me...but I'm crumbling because I'm so sick of wet hems...heaven help me!

  6. Ben -

    The belt should be worn on the slimmest part of Amelia's torso. I'm guessing that on her, like on me, that is just below the bust. It looks like she's got a couple of inches between the bottom of her bust and where the belt begins, and it also looks like that's the slimmest part of her torso. It's one of those tricky things where you just need to trust the internet ;)

    I love it with the belt!

  7. With belt! I think the placement is about right; it could be an inch or two lower I suppose but it's fine where it is . . . . My husband doesn't like the belt-over-cardigan look at all, so when I do it I get this internal whom-am-I-dressing-for? crisis. . . . But he says not to worry about it. ;-)

  8. I have a few pairs of "flared" pants too and they suit my body well. I do have some skinny jeans, but usually only wear them with looooong shirts/ tunics. I like the belt too!


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