Sunday, November 3, 2013

What I Wore Sunday, Finally A Dress and Why I Love the Time Change and It is Necessary

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I'm actually wearing a dress!!  This dress is several years old...I bought it back in 2008 on clearance from Motherwear.  It's a "nursing dress" which is a joke because there is really no way to nurse discretely in it without using a nursing cover, and if you're using a cover, you don't need the "nursing panel" or whatever it has. Anyway, I've only worn this less than a handful of times, because I didn't have the three items necessary to make this dress work...a nursing cover, tights and boots.  This dress material is super heavy and thick and warm, so it only works when it's cold outside, and if it's cold enough for this thick material, it's cold enough to need tights and boots. 

I used to never wear skirts when it's cold outside because I didn't have the tights and high boots necessary to make the outfit warm enough.  But, I managed to pick these tights and boots up from Wal-Mart on clearance last voila.  I have a feeling this dress will get more wear now...along with my other skirts this winter. 

And, speaking of nursing, Elsa gets an A++++++ for Mass behavior today.  Thanks to the time change, she was ready for a nap as soon as Mass started, so she nursed, was asleep immediately and slept through the entire Mass.   Yipppeee..THAT made Mass easy!

Which brings me to my  next topic.  Everyone loves to complain about the time change.  I used to be one of those time change complainers too....until I realized that the time change is really my friend.

You see, in my house, we (well the kids and I...not my night owl husband) are very much sleep with the sun type people. In other words, we basically wake up as soon as the sun comes matter what time we go to sleep, we are up with the sun.   So, because we rise with the sun, I'm pretty aware and sensitive as to what time the sun comes up in the morning...and living in different states has given me good experience on what time the sun rises in different parts of the country at different times of the year. 

The time change in the spring (switch to Daylight Savings time) is most helpful to those who live in the Eastern part of their time zone.  You see, when we lived in RI, round about June when the days are longest, the sun starts to rise around 5:15 AM.  Without the switch to DST a few months earlier, the sun would be rising in June at 4:15 AM.  YIKES!!  That's EARLY.  So, what DST does is shift everything later so it is light later and gets dark later. This is most helpful to those on the very Eastern side of their time zone.  

Now...let's move forward to the fall.  When we lived in Lexington, and then Louisville KY, (which is basically right on the Western edge of the Eastern Time Zone) I noticed that round about Oct, right before the time change, the sun wouldn't rise in the morning until almost 8:00 AM.  This was especially annoying when I lived in Lexington and went to grad school, because I would wake up early and power walk every morning before heading to school and it would still be DARK outside.  I hate walking in the dark by myself.  So, I was always relieved with the time change.  Because, you see, without the switch away from DST back to Standard time in the fall, round about December, the sun would not rise until almost 9 AM .  So, the time change in the fall is most helpful for those who live on the Western side of their time zone. 

But what about Indians you might ask?  Many counties in Indiana don't do Daylight Savings Times.  That works for Indiana because Indiana is on the very Western side of the Eastern time zone so even without the DST switch, it still doesn't get light until a reasonable hour in June.    I assume the same would hold true for Arizona, which I think is on the western side of the mountain time zone...but I've never been there, so I don't really know.

If you happen to live in the middle of your time zone, then the time change probably is just annoying...but we all have to make sacrifices so just think about all those people who live on the western side of your time zone and be thankful that they don't have to wait until 9 AM for the sun to rise in December...or that those on the Eastern side aren't dealing with a 4:30 AM Sunrise in June.

Or go ahead and complain if it makes you feel better.
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  1. Cute dress! I love the color. I used to buy lots of nursing shirts but ended up realizing it's easier for me to nurse in a regular shirt!

  2. Love the dress and boots! Very pretty! And I love the time change. It has been way to dark in the mornings. I don't like it when my husband and kids leave at 7:20 and it's still dark outside. That won't be the case tomorrow!

  3. I like the dress! I've yet to find a "nursing dress" that allows me to nurse without a cover, and my little one refuses to use a cover, so no dresses for me for a while!

    Since we live in Alaska where it's basically light all summer and dark all winter, Daylight Savings Time is a joke! I think the main reason we adopted it is to maintain a consistent time difference with the other US time zones; we are already four hours behind Eastern Time, and falling another hour behind would make calls to businesses out east even more difficult.

  4. See I just want Daylight Savings time to continue! I mean, I feel a little bad for all the high schoolers who are going to school in the dark every morning... But I love it staying dark longer in the morning because I'm selfish and want the kids to sleep in longer!


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