Sunday, November 24, 2013

WIWS: Ghost Baby

Linking up with FLAP for another WIWS.

I have no idea what happened in these photos, but Elsa looks kinda ghost-like and ethereal in them.  Either my photographer is really talented or really creepy.  Anyway, I can promise you that Elsa is alive and well and vigorously breastfeeding as I am typing this. 

So, I doubt anyone cares where I got this outfit, because the pieces are so old, I don't even know where I got you couldn't recreate it if you tried.   Good Riddance, right?   

Except for the boots...I got the boots at Wal-Mart. 

It is extremely cold outside right 35 degrees sweaters for everyone.   At least it feels extremely cold  to me.   Those of you in Alaska can feel free to laugh. 

And, I have nothing more profound to say, so I'll just share some pictures.

Elsa's first ice cream cone.  She liked it. A lot!

And, everyone won chess medals at the chess tournament yesterday. (To win a medal you have to win at least half your games).  So, Yay!

And that's all she wrote. 
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  1. Everything is feeling extremely cold to me these days (and we weren't in Florida nearly as long as you guys were!)! You'd think after one winter in Michigan I'd be used to it, but I'm still totally in shock that it's THIS COLD right this moment!

  2. Hey it's 65 in Orlando! That's a little bit cold...!

  3. Ha, the ghost baby cracks me up :) And YES so cold!!! Thankfully it doesn't get much colder than this in Virginia... I had to fight Cecilia to get her to wear her coat on the way to and from the car, she refused to wear it once we got in the car!

  4. Wow, I'd say you have a very talented photographer! And I am hoping this early cold won't stick around for Thanksgiving!

  5. You are so funny and I love your ghost baby. Congrats to the kids!! Following in Daddy's footsteps!


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