Friday, December 13, 2013

7QTF, Bank Errors, Images of Mary, Baby Name Popularity, Children's Books

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So I logged onto our bank account today and noticed an extra $400 in it...deposited on St. Nicholas Day, no less. 

However the nearest branch of this bank is up in RI, so I knew there was no way either Ben or I had deposited money in it.  So, I called the bank. error and they're taking the money bank out.

But, at least I get to post this card.


I love this image, even though Jesus has red hair (which I really doubt he really had).  I just love the image of Mary breastfeeding Jesus.

I don't really know where it's from, I first saw it several years ago as a friend's avatar and I've loved it ever since. I love the way Mary is holding Jesus and Jesus is holding his foot...just the way real babies are apt to do.  The whole picture just looks so "real" to brings home the point that Mary was a real woman and Jesus was a real baby.

In searching for that image, I also found this one. 

Photo Credit

 Mary breastfeeding WHILE riding a donkey. That would take some talent.  Although that poor donkey looks like it's about to collapse.

There is a super cool tool over at BabyNameWizard website called the Baby Name Voyager which graphs the popularity of each name over times. 

I found it off this hilarious blog post. 

  I had way too much fun graphing our names

Babies named 'AMELIA' per million babies.
My name was at a low point in popularity when I was born in  the 70's...but look how much it has increased in recent years!  Which is sorta odd to me because I keep hearing of all these babies and little kids named Amelia, and when I was growing up, NO ONE had that name 

Babies named 'BENJAMIN' per million babies.
Kinda neat how the name has basically stayed the same in popularity over the last 40 years or so.

Babies named 'HEIDI' per million babies.
Looks like we kinda picked a fad name....only three decades later than the actual fad.

Babies named 'GRETA' per million babies.
Apparently NO ONE named their baby Greta in all of the 80's!
Babies named 'JOHN' per million babies.
Wow...interesting how the name is becoming less and less common, but it's still really up there in popularity.    Look how insanely popular it was back in the 1880's...35,000 out of 1 million!

Babies named 'ELSA' per million babies.
Apparently Elsa was fairly popular in the 1880's and is starting to regain popularity...slightly. 

That was fun...go check out your own names!


I need a new Netflix series to watch while I do my morning workout.  I'm about to finish up Alias. Any suggestions?  I like mystery type stuff.  It is has to be interesting enough to keep me engaged while working out.   Thinking of checking out Breaking Bad (heaven knows I've read enough about it). 


So bloggers out anyone hosting a Christmas cookie recipe link-up? I LOVE Christmas cookies (and Christmas fudge and Christmas candy).  Would love to find some new recipes to add to our regulars.  Anyone have any good recipes they care to share?

6. of my friends just published a really cute children's story called The Nighty Night Narwhals.  It's super cute...a really fun bedtime story.  You should check it out!!


Speaking of children's books. Have you seen the website  It's pretty cool for kids who like to write and they can write and edit and illustrate their own stories.  You can even get it published in hardback form (for a fee of course) but my kids have just been having fun writing books on it. 

Happy Friday everyone!
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  1. Have you already seen LOST? It's still my faaaavorite

    1. No, I actually haven't seen Lost. Good idea...I'll have to check that out.

  2. Check out the Miss Fisher Mysteries! I'm loving them. (Alias was awesome, and I've watched the whole thing about 3 times through--so addictive). Also, try MI:5. 10 seasons of mind-twisting secret spy deliciousness. Great writing, fantastic casting, all of it.

    1. Ooooo thanks! Those both look super interesting...especiallly the Miss Fisher mysteries.

  3. Ah, I LOVE that he's holding his foot! Even baby Jesus did nursing gymnastics!! This gives me something to meditate on when I'm getting frustrated because my little one is all over the place while nursing...I bet Jesus did that, too :) And yes, Mary is quite balanced there on that donkey! Thanks for linking up!

    I really liked the show's a little more light-hearted than the serious spy/mystery shows but maybe an option?

    1. Monk is great...I actually already went through the entire Monk series (and unfortunately it's not available on Netflix anymore).

  4. I wonder if the red hair is supposed to be a nod to the fact that he's descended from (the "ruddy") David?

    1. Wow..interesting. I never thought of that!

  5. I LOVE those pictures of Mary Breastfeeding baby Jesus! It just makes it so real and obviously I can relate to her so much in this way, since I have been breastfeeding for 7 years straight!

  6. Jumping over from Conversion Diary, and I just had to say that I love Mary bf-ing on the donkey! You just KNOW that's what life had to look like!

  7. LOVE those images of Mary. And I'm laughing out loud over the donkey. Poor guy.

    I have been infatuated with Baby Name Wizard since were were expecting our oldest. We had the book which was super fun, but it fell apart. I don't like that some parts of the site are off-limits unless you pay.

  8. I'm trying to decide which would be harder - nursing a baby while riding a donkey or having to lean over and do the dangle while nursing a baby in a car seat! Probably the donkey :P


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