Friday, December 6, 2013

7QTF: Elsa's Escapades

 A long, long time ago, in a blog far away, I wrote a post about toddlers.  

Well, now my dear sweet baby Elsa has reached terrible toddlerhood.  I am not a fan of one-year olds.  I like babies and I like kids older than three, but could just as soon skip the ones and twos.   

And, so, for your Friday Quick Takes Entertainment, I bring you Elsa's Escapades in honor of a little 14-month old wrecking ball.

As an aside, I'm a bit ticked off that Disney decided to come out with a new movie (Frozen) and name the princess Elsa.  Last year when Elsa was born, the name was only #724 in popularity in the United States (although it was #5 in Sweden).  I am going to be quite ticked if the name suddenly skyrockets in popularity.



Future Tattoo Artist.

Elsa likes to draw...on herself. 

Look at those lines...the artistic formation...the carefully drawn patterns traveling up the thumb.  It all means something I tell ya. 

It means she is quite clearly right-handed. 


She's also a fan of drawing on paper....and books....and walls....and floors.  Her fine motor skills are rather remarkable for someone her age.   If you're thinking of buying stock, I predict that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser company is going to see a large increase in sales. 


Future Book Worm


Eater Extraordinaire

Must have food NOW.  And, who is the idiot who gave that child a ceramic plate?

Someone has smartened up and given her a plastic plate.  Because you know, Her Royal Highness refuses to eat off a high chair tray.  Oh no...she INSISTS on eating off a plate and with a fork...just like everyone else.

At least she's using her fork.

Notice the hand tattoo.

Until she doesn't. 


Death Defying Dare Devil

Good thing she has her big brother to watch out for her.


Runaway Bunny

C'ya Mom.  I've got places to go and people to see. 


Exceptional Mess Making Skills

But thankfully she's super cute!

And, I could just eat her up.

Baby for dinner!  And, all you organized people don't look...yes my cabinets really are that unorganized.

If only she would just stop wearing my shoes.

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  1. Wait, cabinets are supposed to be organized? I thought that's why they were always behind closed doors.

    I know toddlers are such a handful, but they are still my favorite :)

  2. She's adorable! I love her hand art, maybe she is practicing for when she is cheating in homeschool and writing notes for the test on her hands.

  3. Baby in a pot is hilarious! And at least I've heard good things about Frozen, (I haven't seen it yet) they could have named a character after her in Planes or Monsters University or any number of the recent terrible Disney movies.

  4. The toddler phase is sure kicking my butt. I like that you suggest it gets easier. Maybe there is hope? Actually I love that my son is old enough to do fun things and to understand so much, but sometimes I tell you what...

    Your daughter is super adorable, by the way.

  5. I thought of you when I heard of Frozen! My Swedish friend wants to name her baby, due next month, Elsa....and is trying to convince her American husband that it's not a strange name because its in a new Disney movie :) :) I love the name Elsa, even if she is a Disney Princess!

  6. This is so funny!!! Seriously! And that picture of her in the pot, is super CUTE!!!!


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