Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bentrup Babblings


Me:  Come on Elsa, time to go take a nap.  Nappy time is a happy time.

Heidi:  Yeah, nappy time is a happy time FOR US

Much as everyone loves their little sister, there is a big collective sigh of relief when the toddler wrecking ball goes to sleep.


Me: (as I'm sorting laundry and Elsa is undoing my piles and  putting the clean clothes back into the basket)  Elsa, don't put that in there, that's not where it goes.

Greta:  Mom,  don't be mean. She's just trying to help. Say "thank you".

Guess she told me.


Greta: Mom,  here is a math problem for you.  Alice had 87 dollars.  She bough a pie for 15 dollars, a house for 2 dollars, a dress for 20 dollars and milk for 12 dollars.  How many dollars does she have left?

Wow...talk about inflation and the housing crash.  A house is only 2 dollars but milk costs 12 dollars. 


While discussing my little brother's upcoming wedding.

Greta:  So, everyone in our family is going to be in the wedding.  Mom will be a bridesmaid, Heidi and I will be flower girls and John will be a ring bearer.  What will dad be?  Will he be a bridesmaid?

Everyone else:  laughing hysterically. 


Diaster Preparations R Us

John (totally out of the blue): I know what you should do if you don't have a key to your house.  You should sleep in the car.

Greta (totally out of the blue) : Mom, what would you do if a volcano suddently errupted in the yard? Would you would run inside as fast as you can, or would you run in the car and drive away as fast as you can?

John: What would you do if this bridge collasped?  Would you have to open to the doors super fast and swim to shore?  Or would you just float and wait for a boat?


John: I put a jar of peanut butter on my head and got peanut butter in my hair.  Is it fine?

Me: No that is not fine.


Ben: Hey Greta, who's your favorite author?
Greta: {Thinking}
Ben: C'mon, Greta, you love to read.
Greta: I'm trying real hard not to say myself.

Go see Rosie for more funny kids sayings.

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  1. "I'm trying really hard not to say myself" - that's awesome.

    I think the Queen in Frozen is named Elsa...but I have pregnancy brain, so I may be wrong.

  2. "No, that is not fine!" I love it!!

  3. Oh my goodness, these are amazing! And Greta is absolutely the best - too funny!


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