Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Five Favorites: Nothing for Christmas

Have you finished all your Christmas shopping?

Have you even started all your Christmas shopping?

For the shopping procrastinators of the world (this means me), I bring you my five favorite gifts...linking up with Hallie for her Five Favorites and Mary Kate for her gift giving guide.   


For the man in your life..

Isn't that snazzy?  It even comes with a little feather.  It's just perfect for the newly barred lawyer in your life. 

Don't worry, my newly barred lawyer picked this out himself, so I'm not ruining any surprises or anything.  I used to make fun of him for wanting a fedora!  But, he sure is debonair looking in it!


For the pre-teen girl in your life who is getting "into" clothes.

A dress from ThredUp. ThredUp is a really cool online consignment store where you can get really nice clothes, super cheap.   And, if you go through that link up there, *you* get $10 free towards your first order and I get $10 credit.  (win, win!).  So sign up now!


For the 9 year old girl who loves stories

She's gotten one of these like every year for the last 3 years, and she still loves it!  It's her favorite present and the books she creates are very much treasured. Plus, it's really neat to see how her writing had changed and matured over the years.


For your little 5-year old chess prodigy

Why?  Because I asked him what he wanted and he said he wanted a stuffed jaguar?

So that has nothing to do with chess and I was just being random. 


And for the little toddler who's getting  Nothing for Christmas because she's been Nothing but bad.

Kidding, kidding.  She's actually not getting Nothing for Christmas.  She's actually getting a Diego library book that she scribbled in (see, nothing but bad).   Okay, okay...maybe a few other things too (and she's actually very good...except when she's screeching and scribbling in library books and throwing food on the ground and refusing to nap...but the rest of the time she's an angel.). 

Actually, we were thinking of fulfilling her wildest dreams and giving her a roll of toilet paper and a bowl of cat food.   Although on a more hygenic note, I like the suggestions Mary Kate has on her toddler suggestion, so we might just go with one of those. Check them out.  

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  1. The Fedora is "sick" as my teens would say (that's good, apparently!)!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Thred up sounds like a cool place. Clicking on your link!

  3. My 17 yo wore a fedora with scarf and overcoat to school today, and my 10 yo old saw a "Santa" fedora that's red with a black band that he wants.I love ThredUp!

  4. Ha! I like the tp and cat food idea.

  5. Illustory looks amazing! Great ideas!

  6. At least she did not eat the library book. My almost 2 yr old is still in the book consuming stage... Not cool!

  7. Love your toddler gift ideas! Expensive toys are waisted on little ones who just want to play with whatever's at hand.


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