Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Five Favorites for Babies, Toddlers, and Advent/Christmas

I haven't posted a Five Favorites in awhile, but with Christmas coming up, I though y'all might want some suggestions.  Or not...but humor me anyway.

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So, without further blah, blah, are my 5 Favorites.


I LOVE taking walks and hiking and we go on walks fairly often, and I'm not about to let a little thing like 35 degree weather slow me down.   When the weather is warmer, I prefer to use the jogging stroller, but in cold weather I don't feel comfortable sticking a baby or toddler in the stroller, no matter how bundled up they are.  We are walking and moving so staying plenty warm, but the baby/toddler is just sitting/lying there and it can get pretty cold just sitting/lying there when it's cold outside.   So, I usually babywear when it's really cold, because then the baby/toddler shares in my body heat and stays warm.

Enter the babywearing vest...which is basically like a big vest that goes over both of us.  As a bonus, it covers up baby/toddler's feet and hands (since in my experience, zero toddlers or babies happily keep mittens on their hands) and from feeling her hands and feet she stays plenty warm and snug in there. 

I can wear her in front.

Or put the vest on backwards and wear the baby on my back.

Love it.


I love this because it's NOT a sippy cup and is a good transition to teaching kids how to drink out of a regular cup.  The toddler can drink anywhere along the rim and when their upper lip touches the rim, the liquid drips out.'s not totally spill-proof, if it's thrown on the ground, or dropped or anything touches the inner rim (as is likely to happen in a diaper bag) it will leak slightly...but that is why it comes with that green top,...for traveling in diaper bags. 

It did take Elsa a little bit to learn how to drink out of it without dribbling water all down her front.   Unlike a sippy cup or bottle or breastfeeding which involves sucking action and the liquid being drawn straight into the back of the mouth for the easy swallowing, the child has to learn how to move the liquid to the back of the mouth for swallowing.  But they have to learn someday...and this cups makes it easier.  And, I like to get my kids drinking out of regular cups as soon as possible because I hate sippy cups.  We always lose them and they have a million parts that get lost or dirty and I just find keeping track of them to be super annoying.  I'd rather they learn how to drink out of a regular cup without spilling or making a mess that much earlier. 


Nativity Fabric Advent Calendar

This is a fun calendar to keep track of the days in Advent.  I like that it is cloth and velcro and the kids can play with it and move the pieces around and still keep everything together.

The Nativity Play Set

So all the other bloggers are posting about how they love the Little People Nativity Play Set.  We don't have that one...we have this one, which I like a lot.

We don't do any fun stuff where the wise men travel around the house and get lost or anything.  That's too complicated for me...we just set it up and play with it.


Advent Sacrifices

I'm not super strict on this, but we've been trying to limit sugar/desserts/sweets during Advent.  Normally, we don't eat a lot of desserts anyway, but things always tend to slide in the fall starting with Greta's Birthday in October, closely followed by Halloween/All Saint's Day, then my birthday and then Thanksgiving.  So, I feel like Advent is a good way to get us back on track with limiting sugar/sweets.  We still eat them if we are out at a party and for special feast days (like St. Nicholas Day), but overall we're going to stay away from any cookie baking or sweet eating until Christmas.

Go see Hallie for more 5 Favorites. 
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  1. We had that nativity set in our old church's preschool room, all the kids loved it. Without further blah blah blah, your hilarious!


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